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No Longer Neutral About Carbon

By Simon Johns - Jun 02, 2021

Carbon neutrality is rapidly becoming a business necessity, which has profound effects on the lubricants industry and its supply chain. It’s also one of the hottest topics in the conference hall, the media and in your boardrooms.

We think that Lubes’n’Greases would be far better placed to comment on the what and how of becoming carbon neutral if we did it ourselves. And so we’re going to be the first carbon-neutral publisher of lubricant industry news and information. Doing this means that not only can we mitigate our own carbon footprint but also help with mitigating our partners’ too.

To make this a happen, we engaged Fokus Zukunft, an environmental consultancy based in Stamberg, Germany to calculate our footprint and help us decide how we can offset it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be documenting the steps we’re taking to gather the data and the challenges of compiling it, as well as the results.

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