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In the June issue:

The June issue explores new ways to measure grease homogeneity as well as how dispersants might be used in the future. Plus, discover how conducting fluids could extend wind turbine component life and why base oil training is invaluable in today’s ever-changing industry.

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Editor's Picks

A Brief History of Dispersants and Future Needs

Why are dispersants so important? How have they evolved over time? Will they continue to be a major formulation component in the future?

Could Conducting Fluids Extend Wind Turbine Component Life?

Lubricating wind turbines continues to be an arduous task. Discover how conducting fluids might be capable of extending component life.

Base Oil Report: Pricing

Proceed with Caution

Crude oil and feedstock pricing has been volatile, making it difficult for base oil producers to formulate a game plan. Gabriela Wheeler warns base oil suppliers to proceed with caution as the situation ebbs and flows.

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