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In the February issue:

The February issue features a special report on base stocks. Discover how Extended Producer Responsibility in India might affect rerefining in the country, how the automotive industry is impacting base oil demand in Brazil as well as how a Dutch startup is producing fatty acids from food waste. Plus, learn about how an API technical report is helping to standardize the lubricants industry’s sustainability endeavors.

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Editor's Picks

India’s Circularity Extends to Lubricants

With implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility looming, what challenges might the Indian rerefining market be facing?

Brazilian Car Parc Drives Base Oil Demand

Brazil’s growing car parc as well as advances in vehicle technology have reshaped base oil demand in the country. Is this a trend that is likely to continue?

Address the 2024 Trends

Sara Lefcourt outlines major trends affecting business in 2024 and suggests ways your company can prepare for them.

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