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In the November issue:

The November issue delves into South America’s base oils and finished lubricants markets. Learn about the privatization of Brazil’s base oil production and the evolution of motorcycle oils in the region. Plus, discover how waste oil rerefining is gaining momentum as well as how base stock selection can influence greater lubricant sustainability.

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Editor's Picks

Privatization of Base Oils in Brazil

Brazil has sold off two of its three major base oil plants. What might this mean for base oil production and overall market dynamics in the country?

Opportunities for Motorcycle Oils in South America

How are Latin America’s unique market conditions affecting motorcycle oils, and how can lubricant formulators respond to evolving technology?

Waste Oil Rerefining Comes of Age

As the lubricants industry searches for ways to come closer to meeting its sustainability goals, waste oil rerefining is gaining momentum.

Base Oil Report: Pricing video

Are We There Yet?

Posted base oil prices seemed to settle into a more typical pattern this fall, but has the market returned to normality yet?

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