Packaging Elements

Packaging’s Tricky Target

Packaging’s Tricky Target

LNG Magazine - August 5, 2020

The best packages hit the bull’s eye in the center of sustainability, product differentiation, performance claims and ...


New Weapons Fight Counterfeits

Lube Report Asia - December 1, 2015

Anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies come with costs, but proponents say lubricant marketers should balance them a ...


Take Stock of Your Label Management

LNG Magazine - May 17, 2014

Without a correct label, your lubricant cannot be shipped. But managing the labels for all those totes, kegs, pails and ...


Bericap Uncorks U.S. Expansion Plans

Lube Report - September 26, 2007

Bericap, an international producer of specialized plastic closures, has announced plans to build a new plant in Cherokee ...