Corrosion Inhibitors


ECHA Starts 2021 HazMat Consultation

Lube Report EMEA - March 23, 2021

The European Chemicals Agency started public consultation March 9 on eight proposed substances proposed for designation ...


Swedish Surfactants Plant Expands

Lube Report EMEA - September 3, 2019

Nouryon announced Aug. 27 that it will double capacity at its surfactants plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, through a 12-mil ...


A Concrete Solution

Lubes'n'Greases - May 21, 2019

As a construction boom spans the globe, use of post-tensioning systems for concrete is also soaring. The right grease ho ...

Aramco Agrees to Buy Control of Sabic

Aramco Agrees to Buy Control of Sabic

Lube Report EMEA - April 2, 2019

Saudi Aramco reached an agreement last week to buy a 70 percent stake in Sabic, one of the worlds largest chemical compa ...

Lanxess Expands Corrosion Inhibitor Capacity

Lanxess Expands Corrosion Inhibitor Capacity

Lube Report EMEA - March 5, 2019

Lanxess completed a 15 percent expansion to its global production capacity of corrosion inhibition additives, which are ...


DCHA and the Trade War

Lube Report Americas - August 29, 2018

An industry association said this month that U.S. tariffs on China were constraining availability of DCHA, a corrosion i ...

Serbian Fam Opens Chemicals Plant

Serbian Fam Opens Chemicals Plant

Lube Report EMEA - July 3, 2018

Serbian lube marketer Fam recently opened a corrosion inhibitor and degreaser production unit. The government is now see ...


Verdezyne DDDA Plant Underway

Lube Report Asia - October 17, 2017

Verdezyne Inc. began constructing a commercial-scale, palm-based dodecanedioic acid manufacturing facility in Iskandar, ...


Ingevity Absorbs Georgia-Pacifics Pine Chemicals

Lube Report - August 30, 2017

Ingevity Corp. will acquire Georgia-Pacifics pine chemicals business - including tall oil fatty acids used in metalworki ...


Water Where?

Lubes'n'Greases - August 24, 2017

Water ingress is the enemy of greased components. Pinpointing the proper formulation can minimize the damage.


JV to Produce Tall Oil Fatty Acids

Lube Report - July 19, 2017

Orgkhim and Ilim set up a 50-50 joint venture to produce chemical products, including tall oil fatty acids and their der ...


Growth Forecast for Amines

Lube Report Asia - July 11, 2017

The global amines market will grow at a compound annual rate of more than 5 percent from 2017 to 2021, with China and In ...


Metalworkings Utility Knife

Lubes'n'Greases - March 17, 2017

The versatility of pine chemicals can allow formulators to clean out the toolbox in favor of a multipurpose additive.


Defending Against Corrosion

Lubes'n'Greases - April 25, 2016

This ancient enemy eats away $2.5 trillion of global GDP each year, but advances in corrosion control are adding new wea ...


Slaying the Corrosion Dragon

Lubes'n'Greases - March 23, 2016

Corrosion destroys both equipment and lubricants, but corrosion inhibitors present many challenges for lube formulators. ...


Arizona Chemical Faces Divestment, Again

Lube Report - December 30, 2015

Pine chemical supplier Arizona Chemical and six other businesses are targeted for possible sale or spin-off as part of a ...


The Contributions of Additives

Lube Report Asia - December 30, 2014

Formulators use a wide range of chemicals to perform the long list of jobs assigned to lubricant additives. Todays engin ...