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Lubes'n'Greases - Nov 02, 2020

Pleasing Cranky Customers  By now, we clearly understand that many of our customers, both retail and business-t...

Singapore to Mandate Packaging Cuts

Lube Report Asia - Nov 20, 2020

Singapore’s government has approved rules that will require businesses, including lubricant blenders and importers to ...

Redrawing the Map for Base Oils

Lubes'n'Greases - Nov 02, 2020

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic was like a mighty gust of wind that blew asunder the many ships sailing the seas ...

Industry Anticipates Change Under Biden

Lube Report Americas - Nov 18, 2020

With razor-thin margins of control in both the United States House and Senate, the incoming presidential administration ...

Ukraine Tightens Tracking of Lubes, Base Oils

Lube Report EMEA - Nov 17, 2020

Ukraine has added a layer to its border control of base oil and lubricant imports in an effort to curb the illegal mixin...

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