Measuring the Homogeneity of Lubricating Greases
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Measuring the Homogeneity of Lubricating Greases

June 6, 2022

A research institute has developed two real-time methods for measuring the homogeneity of lubricating greases. What do t ...

Lithium Loosens Its Grip on Grease

Lithium Loosens Its Grip on Grease

December 1, 2020

At the end of March, India implemented the world’s most stringent lockdown in response to the novel coronavirus pandem ...


Axel to Expand, Improve U.S. Grease Plants

October 30, 2019

Axel Christiernsson AB announced on Monday a multi-million dollar expansion and improvement plan across its three grease ...


Everyone’s Business

March 18, 2019

Trevor Gauntlett celebrates the International Year of the Periodic Table.


Grease Consistency: A Stiff Challenge

October 24, 2017

For almost a century, the cone penetrometer has taken the measure of grease stiffness. Its easy, cheap, fast--and wildly ...


Formulating Water-Resistant Grease

June 15, 2017

Water in lubricating greases has been a concern for more than a century. Recent research shows that calcium sulfonate gr ...

Grease Output Edged Up in 2016

Grease Output Edged Up in 2016

June 14, 2017

OLYMPIC VALLEY, California – Global production of lubricating greases reached 2.57 billion pounds in 2016, accordi ...


The Hunt for Lithium Alternatives

April 18, 2017

With lithium prices hot on their heels, grease producers are chasing after less-costly thickeners.


Development Boosts Africas Grease Market

April 16, 2017

Africas grease demand is expanding due to agricultural, industrial, infrastructure and mining projects. However, grease ...


Grease Production Stays Flat

November 17, 2016

Global grease production was relatively stable from 2010 to 2015, hovering around 1.1 million tons annually. Sales were ...


Verkol Adjusts to the Quaker Way of Life

September 16, 2016

Founded in 1923 as an independent lube manufacturer, Verkol is in the midst of rebranding itself as part of the Quaker C ...

Worldwide Grease Production Declines

Worldwide Grease Production Declines

June 29, 2016

China, North America and Europe were the top grease manufacturers in 2015, representing 71 percent of worldwide producti ...


Grease Demand Forecast to Stagnate

June 15, 2016

HOT SPRINGS, Va. – Global demand for greases used in industrial applications is expected to remain nearly flat thr ...


Decoding the Burgeoning Grease Market

August 12, 2014

The grease market is grappling with two opposing trends. Demand is increasing because of industrial and vehicle growth i ...


A Thinning Slate of Thickeners?

May 27, 2014

As greasemakers eye the next round of EU chemical registrations, some may need to weed out specialty products that dont ...


Record Year for Grease Output

June 20, 2012

The worlds lubricating grease manufacturers created nearly 2.4 billion pounds of the stuff during 2011, a record-high vo ...


Downturn in Grease Echoed Economy’s

January 12, 2011

After shrinking almost 10 percent in 2009, how did global lubricating grease production fare in 2010? That’s what ...