Lubes'n'Greases Factbook


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The Lubes’n’Greases Factbook is loaded with foundational knowledge and data on finished lubricants, base stocks, greases and additives giving you access to continually updated data and facts on the global lubricants industry, all in one place.

New in 2024, we’ve extended our global coverage with more information on what’s happening in regions outside of North America and Europe.

The Factbook is available as part of a Lubes’n’Greases subscription.

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Easy-to-read, useful online reference

It is packed with key global lubricants information and data online.

Continually updated, transparent information

Access updated global lubricants data available from a range of industry experts, summarized and clearly cited.

Saves you valuable time and resources

We consolidate the latest industry statistics into one resource that puts trusted content at your fingertips.

The Factbook is part of a Lubes’n’Greases subscription

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