Lubes'n'Greases Factbook

The 13th edition of the Lubes’n’Greases Factbook is an indispensable digital guide of facts, statistics, and trends in the global lubricants industry.

The new 2021-2022 edition has been fully updated to include heavy-duty engine oil category development committees, total lubricant sales in Japan, and more.

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Why order the Factbook?

Easy-to-read, useful digital reference

It is packed with key lubricants industry information and data all in one quick digital reference guide.

Up-to-date, transparent information

Access updated global lubricants data available from a range of industry experts, summarized and clearly cited.

Saves you valuable time and resources

We consolidate all the latest lubricants industry statistics into one resource that puts trusted content at your fingertips.

What's included in the Factbook?