Neopentyl Glycol


Oxea Lifts Force Majeure at Plant in Germany

Lube Report EMEA - January 8, 2019

Oxea lifted the force majeure declaration for products from its plant in Oberhausen, Germany, where production units are ...


Oxea to Add NPG Capacity

Lube Report EMEA - July 3, 2018

Oxea will increase its European production capacity for neopentyl glycol - a polyalcohol that can be used as a building ...

Sinopec Project Doubles NPG Capacity

Sinopec Project Doubles NPG Capacity

Lube Report Asia - December 26, 2017

BASF and Sinopec plan to double capacity of neopentyl glycol, a component of polyester resins for synthetic lubricants, ...


Ineos to Produce Oxo Derivatives

Lube Report - August 9, 2017

Ineos Oxide, a branch of international chemical company Ineos, plans to construct new units to produce an array of oxo c ...


NPG Plant Slated for Nanjing

Lube Report Asia - May 27, 2014

BASF and Sinopec will build a neopentylglycol plant at their joint venture petrochemicals complex in Nanjing, China. NPG ...