American Petroleum Institute

The API, a trade association that sets standards for the hydrocarbons industry, published a new methodology for lubricants life cycle assessment and product carbon footprint calculation in May 2023.

According to API, the purpose of API Technical Report 1533 is to promote harmonization and consistency in the application of LCAs and PCFs across the lubricants industry. It attempts to define terminology and identify best practices for life cycle assessments and product carbon footprints.

API TR 1533 was developed by subject-matter experts with the original intention of producing a standard, according to the API. As the document developed, the organization decided that the accumulated information and references it contained warranted early publication in the form of a technical report.

The report provides general methodological recommendations and detailed considerations along the stages of the life cycle: cradle-to-gate, cradle-to-grave, use and end-of-life stages.

The most current information can be accessed here and a free PDF download of API TR 1533 here.