Fokus Zukunft calculated that Lubes’n’Greases emitted 106 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2020 directly arising from the company’s value creation. In other words, emissions from our daily work activities. This figure was arrived at by verifying the data we supplied in accordance with guidelines set out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The report prepared by Fokus Zukunft is available here.

How can we understand what this quantity means in terms of volume or impact?
It is difficult to imagine what 106 tons of gas looks like or how much atmosphere it occupies. One ton of CO2 can fill 500 fire extinguishers or four hot air balloons. Our annual emissions total is equivalent to one person flying around the world 15 times, and on a per-staff-member basis, we each account for roughly 5 tons per year.

Distribution of Emissions 

What are emissions scopes?
Scope 1 – Direct emissions from sources controlled or owned by an organization, such as fuel combustion in boilers, furnaces and vehicles.
Scope 2 – Indirect emissions by facilities from which the organization buys electricity, steam, heat or cooling, but are still in the organization’s inventory.
Scope 3 – Indirect emissions from the use of an organization’s product or service.

Footprint Comparison
Source: Fokus Zukunft