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Strong Interest in Lubes’n’Greases I.C.I.S. Webinar

By Simon Johns - Oct 08, 2021

Attendance at the first joint Lubes’n’Greases-I.C.I.S. webinar demonstrated how strong interest is in sustainability events. It also suggests there is a dearth of readily accessible information tailored to the lubricants industry. The audience bombarded panellists with questions on issues ranging from metrics and life cycle assessments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The event opened with a presentation by Maurizio Abbondanza, the business growth and sustainability director of U.K.-based additive company Infineum. Abbondanza described the company’s sustainability journey, one which began in 2017, and its six corporate sustainability goals.

Apu Gosalia took the baton and talked about sustainability materiality of carbon footprinting in the lubricants industry, which should come with the approach to measure, manage and minimize.

Gosalia explained this with the “5 Fs” model and described the steps of a calculating and cutting down emissions, regarding “footprint”, “feedprint” and “fingerprint,” as well as with the rerefining process or calorific valorization, naming these as “fining print” and “firing print,” respectively. He described this as a true cradle-to-cradle and circularity approach for the lubricants industry, by closing the loop and turning “CO2lubes.”

Elaine Cohen then drew together Maurizio and Apu’s presentations by underscoring the strategic importance of transparent disclosures. Elaine, who is the founder-manager of sustainability consultancy Beyond Business, also shared a list of the 10 most common excuses why companies don’t do so.

SMEs that feel daunted by the prospect of implementing a sustainability strategy and reporting on sustainability can simply break down processes into smaller tasks, Cohen advised. This could be done by looking at current sustainability efforts and supplier relationships to determine expectations on both sides.

Watch the inaugural Lubes’n’Greases I.C.I.S webinar online here.

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