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SK Lubricants’ Lube Ad Uses Recycled Material
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SK Lubricants’ Lube Ad Uses Recycled Material

By Simon Johns - Sep 09, 2021

The new ad campaign for SK Lubricants’ SK Zic Zero ultra-low viscosity engine oil takes sustainability up a notch. Not only did the ad production company use natural and self-powered lighting during shooting but also recycled footage from 2014 to avoid creating fresh emissions from new footage. Advertising posters around the company’s home country of South Korea were printed on biodegradable material made from sugarcane.

It’s all part of parent company SK Innovation’s “green transformation” strategy to lower carbon emissions. Last year, SK Lubricants launched its Zic Zero range in recycled plastic containers and has since used 21 tons so far of waste plastic. It is now selling its Zic X7 and Zic X7000 diesel engine oils in similar recycled packaging. These products account for 30% of SK’s finished lubricant sales. The company aims to recycle 100 metric tons of plastic waste per year – equivalent to 5 million half-liter water bottles, as well as lower Scope 1 and 2 emissions of 12.43 million tons in 2019 to net zero by 2050.

The recycled containers were developed by sister subsidiary SK Global Chemical and were given sustainable product certification by Underwriters Laboratories, a safety certification body based in the United States.

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