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Podcast: UEIL President Mattia Adani Optimistic About Lube Future


Podcast: UEIL President Mattia Adani Optimistic About Lube Future

At the 27th ICIS World Base Oils conference in Windsor in May 2023, we talked to UEIL President Mattia Adani about the key issues facing European lubricant companies.

A possible sustainable solution to balance supply and demand is a concept found in content streaming and software licensing – servitization. Mattia proposes supplying lubricants such as metalworking fluids on a subscription basis.

He also shares his thoughts on the obstacles in the way of electrifying Europe’s car parc. The problem is more acute in the continent’s south, where incomes are lower but people still operate under the same EU-wide legislation that their northern neighbours do.

Mattia offers hope to passenger car motor oil blenders, saying the internal combustion engine still has years of utility powered by e-fuels and bio-fuels.

UEIL President Mattia Adani is owner and CEO of Nowal Chimica. The company is a blender of lubricants, metalworking and other process fluids for the metalworking sector based in Italy.

There is this push to reduce the dependency on oil, which is good, but we risk running into a dependency on lithium, which is something even worse.

UEIL President Mattia Adani

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