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Valvoline Pilots EV Servicing Options
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Valvoline Pilots EV Servicing Options

By Simon Johns - Feb 11, 2022

Valvoline, a U.S. lubrication manufacturer and car care company, launched a suite of new services aimed at electric vehicles in selected retail outlets, the company announced in a press release this week. The new business line may signal a shift by instant oil change companies toward catering to zero-emissions transport.  

The number of EVs of all kinds on U.S. roads doubled in 2021 to 1,456,867 from 783,477 in 2020, according to automotive data company Cox. Fourth-quarter sales in 2021 increased by 72%, marking the best quarter ever for EVs, said California-based automotive research firm Kelley Blue Book.

Valvoline’s new EV service offerings mirror those for conventional vehicles, including inspection and maintenance services for batteries, tires, keys, air filters, wipers and state safety testing.

The U.S. EV market is supported by a package of federal and state incentives, as well as renewed focus on low- and zero-emissions vehicles by President Joe Biden’s administration.

A proposed increase in tax credits and investment in charging infrastructure, as well as commitments by state legislators in California and New York to sales of zero-emissions vehicles only by 2035, will accelerate demand for Valvoline’s services.

Detroit’s legacy automakers have also pledged to electrify, providing further signals of the American car-buying public’s acceptance that the age of gasoline is coming to an end. 

Ford Motor Co., for example, has committed about $50 billion to electrify, including an electric version of its best-selling F150 pickup and investments in solid-state battery technology.

Valvoline’s announcement coincides with its fourth-quarter results, which were also published this week. Earnings from retail services increased by 36% in the quarter.

“Demand for Valvoline’s products and services remains robust, as we continue to gain share in both segments,” CEO Sam Mitchell said in a press release.