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OQ Chemicals Launches Oxlube L7-NPG Ester Base Oil for EV Fluids

By Simon Johns - Sep 02, 2022

OQ Chemicals will launch a new ester base oil called Oxlube L7‑NPG at the upcoming Lubricant Expo in Essen, Germany. The company optimized Oxlube L7‑NPG for plugin electric vehicles, and applications include e-motor cooling, among others.

The company says the ester lets lubricant manufacturers formulate e‑driveline low-viscosity, high-flash point lubricants that are readily biodegradable.

“Modern EV fluids must meet requirements that go beyond conventional lubrication. For instance, thermal and dielectric properties gain in importance. We engineered our new Oxlube L7-NPG to be an efficient base oil for novel e-driveline applications, where conductivity, heat transfer, and stability are of the essence,” said Svea Meuser, OQ Chemicals’ global marketing director of acids. “As an ester-based product, it has significant environmental advantages compared to mineral oil-based products.”

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Oxlube L7-NPG complements Oxlube L9-TMP – a co-solvent ester in engine oils and a drop-in for the conventional C8/C10 acid-based trimethylolpropane ester, the company said.


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