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Nuclear and Gas Not Sustainable say MEPs

By Simon Johns - Jun 21, 2022

Members of the European Parliament said no to the inclusion of nuclear and natural gas the Taxonomy Regulation. On Tuesday, the Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committees voted 76 to 64 against.

The Taxonomy, introduced earlier this year, classifies economic activity by its contribution of the bloc’s climate goals. Some consider nuclear power and natural gas to be transitional energy sources. After the vote, they are unlikely to find a place on the European Union’s green investment classification system.

>Read more about the EU Taxonomy here.

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The European Commission – the EU body that devises legislation – had previously attempted to include nuclear and gas in the Taxonomy. Member states Austria and Luxembourg threatened legal action in response. Even the Commission’s sustainable finance advisory group opposed the move, arguing that the two energy sources did not meet the Taxonomy’s criteria.


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