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Castrol to Develop IT Immersion Fluids

By Simon Johns - Jul 04, 2022

Castrol, the U.K. company known for its automotive and industrial lubricants, entered the world of immersive coolants for technology infrastructure. The U.K. company signed an agreement with Spanish firm Submer to develop thermally conductive and dielectric immersion fluids for equipment such as servers.

According to a press release, Castrol and Submer will work on the global supply, standardization and development immersion cooling fluids. The collaboration will “accelerate the adoption of immersion cooling as a path to more efficient and more sustainable data centre operations.”

Estimates vary on absolute quantities, but the consensus is that the server industry consumes about 1% of all energy globally. Those in the European Union use about 104 terawatt hours per year.

Castrol’s agreement comes on the heels of Fuchs’ purchasing a stake in battery electrolyte developer E-Lyte Innovations in June. The two companies’ activities signal their shift away from traditional automotive product lines into new business segments.

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