SKF and Castrol Launch Oil-as-service

By Simon Johns - Jan 13, 2023

Castrol and Swedish engineering company SKF will jointly offer “oil as a service” by combining SKF’s industrial oil regeneration technology, RecondOil, and Castrol’s range of metalworking fluids. The collaboration aims to help industrial customers to reduce their lubricant consumption and encourage resource circularity.

The “as-a-service” business model is growing in popularity across a range of sectors. It changes the relationship between suppliers snd customers to leaser and lessee. It differs from a traditional lease model in that use periods can be much shorter.

This shift is centred around the idea that society is moving from a ‘goods-centred and customer centric’ one to a ‘service-centred’ one. This new ‘service-centred’ logic argues that customers are the focal point and are in charge of value creation. As such, organisations become ‘value facilitators’ instead of ‘value producers’. They not only supply the product, but also facilitate and offer value in use.

Continuously using the same oil reduces both a company’s operational costs and its environmental impact. RecondOil returns used oil back into functional form, SKF says, using what it calls double separation technology.

Removing particles smaller than 1 micron or the same density as the oil itself has been nearly impossible, SKF says. These particles can build up an act as catalysts for oxidation thus lowing the oil’s quality and functionality.