Infineum Releases Third Sustainability Report
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Infineum Releases Third Sustainability Report

By Simon Johns - Jul 13, 2023

U.K.-based specialty chemicals company Infineum recently released its third annual sustainability report. In the report, the company detailed its emissions intensity, which is 14.4% lower in 2022 from the level in 2018.

The chemical industry produced 925 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency. It is the largest industrial energy consumer and third-largest industry subsector in terms of direct CO2 emissions, the IEA says.

In real terms, Infineum’s Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions have stayed fairly constant, at 127,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2022 from 130,000 2018. Meanwhile, Scope 2 emissions fell further, to 58,000 mtCO2e from 80,040 in 2018.

>For definitions of emissions scopes, click here.

Infineum is one of the four major additive companies, including Afton, Lubrizol and Chevron Oronite. Each engages in sustainability activities in one form or another, and while their targets differ, they all have carbon reduction measures.

According to Lauren Power, a sustainability analyst based in New York, the chemical industry faces stiff challenges to being sustainable. Production is energy intensive, its effluent is hazardous and risk to worker safety is high.

“Chemical production is often energy intensive and leads to significant GHG emissions. There are many chemical processes which require high temperatures often generated by fossil fuels,” she wrote.

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