ATIEL, UEIL Roll Out Carbon Footprint Methodology
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ATIEL, UEIL Roll Out Carbon Footprint Methodology

By Simon Johns - Feb 09, 2023

The Union of the European Lubricant Industry and the Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry are co-developing a methodology to calculate and report product carbon footprints for lubricants and greases across the European Union.

Europe’s annual lubricant production is around 5.13 million liters while grease production is 211,827 tons.  

A joint working group has been developing a common standard that will cover cradle-to-gate product carbon footprints. The partners are aiming to published the new methodology in the second half of 2023, having started in January.

UEIL and ATIEL intend the standard be used across the entire lubricants industry supply chain. Their aim is to ensure consistency and transparency, the two associations said in a joint press release.

“To be able to determine product carbon footprints for lubricants on a common, harmonized basis for the whole European lubricants industry is a decisive capability that we want to develop jointly with ATIEL,” said UEIL President Mattia Adani in the statement. 

ATIEL President Marco Digioia said, “This joint PCF harmonization effort is of paramount importance in bringing a consistent approach to assess the environmental impacts of our products in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal and globally.” 

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