Podcast 19: Five Sustainability Trends for 2024


Podcast 19: Five Sustainability Trends for 2024

This year could be pivotal in the struggle to keep the planet spiralling into an irreversible climate catastrophe. It’s also the year in which the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will start to affect how companies operating in Europe do business.

Apu Gosalia, our regular sustainability contributor, takes us through what he thinks are the five major trends in corporate sustainability in 2024. In addition to the CSRD and CSDDD, scope 3 emissions will come under greater scrutiny and robust data collection. Companies will have to incorporate climate risk management further into their operations. Climate fintech will take hold in financial markets to facilitate funding for green investment. Lastly, AI will help resource and energy optimization and data collection.

These five things will deeply affect the way lubricant companies strategize for a sustainable future.

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