Lubes’n’Greases July Issue Available


Lubes’n’Greases July Issue Available

The July issue features a Special Report on Electric Vehicles that explores how the grease industry is adapting to the electrification wave, why lubricant manufacturers are entering the emerging market of thermal management fluids, and how the fast-paced world of Formula E motorsport lubricants may be opening up doors for passenger EV fluids.

Also in this issue:

Base Oil Report: Pricing

Strange Summer

The summer driving season usually ushers in increased base oil activity, but market dynamics this year have deviated from the norm.


The Trial of Destiny

Can new manufacturing technology help the EU to achieve its long-term sustainability goals?

Need to Know

Riding the Waves of Change

Lubricant demand has fluctuated over the past couple years. Tom Glenn explains the reasons for the troughs and peaks.

Your Business

Not So Fast

Jack Goodhue explains how unhurried, calm and measured business decisions often lead to better long-term outcomes.

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July 2023

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