Fuchs Extends Carbon Neutrality


Fuchs Extends Carbon Neutrality
Hydroelectric power is part of the Fuchs Petrolub plan. © anjalig04

Fuchs Petrolub SE said Monday that it has extended the carbon neutrality of its business to cover on-site operations of joint ventures and non-manufacturing subsidiaries. The German lubricant producer said last year that it achieved net zero carbon dioxide emissions for its wholly-owned manufacturing units.

“We consider it extremely important to further improve our corporate carbon footprint and thereby fulfil our responsibility for global climate protection,” Executive Board Chairman Stefan Fuchs said in a new release.

The company added that its next goal is to extend its carbon neutrality up its supply chain, accounting not only for its direct operations but also for emissions generated during the production of its raw materials. It aims to achieve that cradle-to-gate neutrality by 2025.

Fuchs, which is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, said it is accounting for 100% of emissions generated by subsidiaries even though many companies only consider the portion of the joint venture that they own when making such calculations.

The company also indicated that it was able to cover emissions by non-manufacturing subsidiaries and joint ventures through a combination of reducing their emissions and by contributing funds to third-party projects that absorb carbon dioxide. Forestation projects are common offsets, as are development of renewable energy.

Monday’s news release said Fuchs donated to hydropower projects in India, Argentina and China and wind power in Indonesia, as well as a gas-fired power plant that is stabilizing a power grid in India and advanced, locally-produced cooking stoves in Zambia.

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