China EV Sales Continue Upward Trend


China EV Sales Continue Upward Trend
Electric passenger cars charging at a power station in Chongqing, China. © helloabc

Sales of new energy vehicles – mostly electric vehicles and hybrids – in China reached a record 321,000 in August, the fourth consecutive month of higher sales since April, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

After EV sales in China slumped from around 180,000 sales in January to just above 100,000 sales in February, according to an association report, they jumped back to around 230,000 sales in March. EV sales then slipped slightly to just above 200,000 in April. Since then then, they have gradually risen each month, topping 250,000 in June and nearing around 270,000 in July.

Within the new energy vehicle category, sales of pure electric vehicles totaled 265,000 in August, while sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles amounted to 56,000.

The sales of EVs accounted for 18% of China’s 1.8 million total car sales in China in August. The association expressed optimism the country could expect to achieve its mid-and long-term planning target of 20% penetration for the new energy vehicle market in 2025 ahead of schedule.

From January through August, the sales of EVs totaled 1.8 million in China. That meant EVs accounted for 11% of 16.6 million total passenger vehicle sales from January through August.

Sales of pure electric vehicles from January to August totaled 1.5 million, while plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 306,000 sales.

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