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Infineum Launched Hybrid-specific Additive Package
In traffic, hybrids can idle in e-motor mode, but this can place undue stress on the lubricant when the ICE kicks in. © Infineum

Infineum Launched Hybrid-specific Additive Package

By Simon Johns - Sep 15, 2023

U.K.-based specialty chemicals company Infineum launched the first market-general additive package tailored to hybrid cars that meets the Group PSA test for SAE OW-20.

Hybrids are gaining more market share globally, and there is potential for growth especially in places where charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles is inadequate or non-existent. In France, where Group PSA is based, the hybrid fleet is about 300,000 vehicles.

Infineum estimates that the hybrid fluid segment could see volumes reach up to 30 million litres per year for finished oil opportunities in new vehicles and up to 65 million per year in legacy vehicles, the company said in a press release. 

Formulated to meet current industry specifications, including the latest claims from major French original equipment manufacturers, the pack can deliver mid-SAPs-targeted OEM requirements for both new and legacy vehicles across a range of viscosity grades (SAE 5W-30, SAE 0W-30 and SAE 0W-20) and with the latest bio derived base stocks, the company said.

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