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February EV Growth Modest in Europe
Courtesy of ACEA

February EV Growth Modest in Europe

By Simon Johns - Apr 02, 2024

Sales of both hybrid and battery electric vehicles in Europe continued growing in February, according to statistics gathered by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.

BEV sales were up by a modest 9% to 106,187 units, with Belgium leading France and the Netherlands as the three biggest buyers that month. Sales Germany were down by more than 15%. By contrast, registrations of non-plugin hybrids jumped by nearly 25%, with France ahead of Spain, Germany and Italy consuming a combined 70% of the 255,511 vehicles sold.

Plugin sales were up by almost 12% to 64,351 units, with Germany, Belgium and Spain with the highest demand.

Non-plugins made up 28.9% of the market, BEVs 12% and plugin hybrids 7.3%.

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