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Europe EV Fleet Continues Strong Growth
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Europe EV Fleet Continues Strong Growth

By Simon Johns - May 17, 2023

Growth of new battery electric vehicle registrations in the European Union continued rising, according to the latest figures published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

The continued growth of low- and zero-emissions vehicles poses a future challenge to passenger car motor oil blenders must either look to markets outside of the EU where the market for internal combustion engines will remain buoyant or diversify into other lubrication segments. However, April PCMO demand in France, one of the continent’s largest car markets, rose by 3%, reflecting a general improvement in the country’s economy and service sector performance.

In April, the EU’s BEV fleet grew by 51.9%, adding 94,561 units compared with 62,253 in April 2022. This earned BEVs a market share of 11.8%, up by almost 3% year on year, ACEA reported this week. Registrations were spread throughout the bloc, with France and Germany leading in absolute numbers of 17,113 and 29,740, respectively. The highest percentage gains were seen in Belgium and Finland, with 176.1% and 202.1%, respectively.

In the same month, hybrid registrations also grew by 22.7% to 199,407 units. Again, France and Germany led the pack again in this segment, with 28.6% and 35.9%, respectively. They were followed by Italy with 28.3% and Spain with 14.4%. This growth snagged hybrids a market share of 24.8%, up from 23.7% year on year.

Conversely, registrations of plug-in hybrids declined by 5.5%, with the slump seen most acutely in Germany by 45.7%. Germany is the EU’s biggest PHEV market, although it would seem consumers are moving away from this type of car. Year on yea, the PHEV market share fell to 7.4% from 9.2% in April last year.

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