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Castrol E-transmission Fluid Available for Aftermarket
As EVs age, repairs will require fill-for-life fluid replacement. © Marijan Murat/dpa/Alamy Live News

Castrol E-transmission Fluid Available for Aftermarket

By Simon Johns - May 17, 2022

Castrol’s made its e-transmission fluid available for aftermarket sales in Europe for the first time since the company launched its dedicated On electric vehicle product range last year. 

Uptake of EVs in Europe is accelerating rapidly, as bans on sales of internal combustion engines loom as carmakers switch to fully electric architectures. Europeans registered more than 1.2 million BEVs in 2021. This represents a 63% increases from almost 740,000 units registered in 2020, and 3.4 times higher than the 2019 total

Castrol is marketing ON EV transmission fluids to franchised and independent workshops that are certified to work on EV powertrains.  

Two out of three of the world’s major car manufacturers factory fill with Castrol’s On, the United Kingdom-based company says. But as these cars age, they will require maintenance and repairs. Making Castrol e-transmission fluid available for aftermarket marks the market’s maturation that will see vehicles age and require repairs.

“While these fluids in some EVs are deemed ‘fill for life,’ workshops need replacement product in the event of a repair, and there can also be a requirement to change the product early to safeguard protection in certain use cases,” said Patrick Bauer, a senior Castrol technologist.

On EV transmission fluids are part of the company’s EV lubrication suite, which also includes thermal fluids and greases. It is a fully synthetic fluid that Castrol also claims is carbon neutral.

The company is aiming to become carbon net zero by 2050 or sooner. Its range of On EV fluids are part of the company’s aims to save waste and reduce carbon emissions. Parent company BP also has it target set for 2050.

Castrol, energy major BP’s lube division, recently hired licensing specialist LMCA to expand its branded offerings beyond lubricants. The company will grow its presence through licensed products and services in performance care, auto accessories and e-mobility.

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