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Volkswagen Faces New Emissions Lawsuit

By Simon Johns - Nov 30, 2021

German environmentalists are suing Volkswagen for its refusal to meet their demands to reduce its emissions. The litigants, which include climate activist Clara Mayer and Greenpeace, want the auto giant to stop making fossil-fueled vehicles and decrease carbon emissions by a minimum of 65% from 2018 levels by 2030. 

The case takes its cue from Germany’s top court, which ruled in May 2020 that the country’s climate law is insufficient in achieving national emissions targets.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe, an environmental protection and consumer NGO, also took action against Daimler and BMW. If successful, these litigations would set a precedent for others to sue private enterprises for the impact their products and operations have on the wellbeing of coming generations.

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The first case of its kind was in the Netherlands, when the courts ruled Shell wasn’t doing enough to mitigate its impact on the climate.


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