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Podcast 7: The Essentials of Sustainable Base Stocks


Podcast 7: The Essentials of Sustainable Base Stocks

As the word “sustainability” is beginning to lose its meaning through overuse, now is a good time to define what makes a base stock sustainable, or not.

In this edition of the Lubes’n’Greases podcast, Bill Downey, senior vice president of business development at renewable base stocks producer Novvi, talks to our additives expert Trevor Gauntlett about the essentials of base oil sustainability. They discuss the priorities for base stocks producers, be they helping customers continue on their sustainability journeys, the chemistry of the base stock and the feedstock itself.

“When you talk about sustainable, you have to be putting the customer at the center of the discussion of what they’re trying to achieve,” Bill said. Bill is Trevor’s first guest on this edition of the podcast, which will be focused on the technical aspects of base oil and additives.