Podcast 15: Overcoming Sustainability Fatigue Revisited


Podcast 15: Overcoming Sustainability Fatigue Revisited

Companies of all sizes face a daunting challenge to help stave off climate change by operating sustainably. They are faced by an alphabet soup of guidelines, regulations and laws, which give rise to sustainability fatigue. They can veer into a risk-mitigation cycle that ensure compliance, but little else.

Our guest on this edition of the podcast, Elisa Swanson-Parbäck, sets her sites way past compliance and explains how her company Perstorp overcame sustainability fatigue and is now aiming for finite material neutrality. By trying to get to this seemingly unreachable goal to replace company’s raw materials with recycled or renewable alternatives, Perstorp will have passed many sustainability milestones on the way.

Elisa also discusses how sustainability must be integrated into operations like any other operations business strategy. Perstorp has a “sustainability plus” working method, whereby sustainability is added to each business unit’s operations.

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