Volume 1 Issue 46

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

A couple of routes out of the United States moved up a gear last week, and prompt space is gradually disappearing from the Asian market. Europe, however, is inundated with ships and rates remain weak.-by Adrian Brown

Middle East Refiners Disrupt Group III Markets

New competition from Middle East Gulf refiners is disrupting the status quo, increasingly impacting API Group III base oil markets - most notably in Asia - where 4 centiStoke and 6 cSt prices previously made strong gains amid tight supply, an industry insider said during a conference last month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Russian Aftermarket Engine Oil Consumption Rises

Russian aftermarket motor oil consumption - the volume of engine oils used in passenger vehicles post-sale - amounted to 161 million liters during the July 2017 to July 2018 period, up 5.2 percent from the same period a year earlier, due to growth in miles driven, according to global consultancy Gipa.

African Rerefiners Debate Rerefined Oil Growth

African rerefiners agree that overcoming skeptical public perception of their rerefined base oils is a significant hurdle to growth. However, they debated about other factors - such as working with multinational companies and choosing the best production process - during a panel discussion at an industry conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Briefly Noted

Total Lubricants will supply its engine oils to Inter Cars Capital Group‘s 250 retail locations in Eastern and Central Europe after extending their distribution agreement last week. The companies’ initial partnership only included distribution to Intel Cars’ retail locations in Poland. Total Vostok will manufacture and supply engine and hydraulic oils under the brand Hitachi Genuine Oil after it reached an agreement with Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia.