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Middle East Airlines Mothball Planes

Fears that the market for aviation lubricants and greases in the Middle East is unravelling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are exaggerated, analysts say.

Recession Catches Middle East Refiners

Global base oil markets are under intense pressure as the threat of a worldwide recession sinks demand for lubricants amid few signs of an early respite in the coronavirus pandemic. Middle East base oil refiners’ push for a bigger piece of the API Group II and III base oil market now leaves them exposed in a global base oil supply glut, along with a drop in base oil demand and prices due to the pandemic’s economic impacts.

Enoc, Proserv Move Ahead in Egypt

Emirates National Oil Co. and Proserv Group will ramp-up lubricants blending in the growing Egyptian market after signing memorandums of understanding with local lubricant companies.

Coronavirus Impacts Asia Base Oil Refiners

Base oil refiners in Asia are slashing production and looking for alternative markets amid plummeting lubricant and grease demand in China, industry insiders say, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to rattle markets.

Coronavirus Upends Base Oil Demand

Base oil refiners in the Middle East face a slowdown in business from China, following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus as the crisis shreds lubricant and grease demand in key sectors.

Iran Gets Creative with Base Oil Exports

United States sanctions have forced Iranian refiners to find alternative export channels for their API Group I base oil to avoid detection and shore up vital export revenues, an executive at an Iranian shipping agency told Lube Report.

Middle East Supply Glut Weighs on Base Oils

A dramatic increase in base oil availability from the Middle East is fueling a supply glut that could exceed 3 million metric tons a year, according to an industry executive.

Middle East Rerefining Ripe for Growth

The Middle East may be finally kicking its monograde engine oil dependence, but dealing with the disposal of low-grade used oil could galvanize an increase in rerefining plants across the region, an industry insider said.

Middle East Trade Goes on Amid Tensions

Renewed fears arose of disruption to base oil supplies from the Middle East, following the United States killing on Jan. 3 of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq.

Synthetics Could Combat Improper Oil Disposal

Wider use of synthetic engine oils and a shift to electric vehicles could reduce the threat of environmental contamination from waste oil in the Middle East, a region historically dominated by mineral-based lubricants.