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Nigerian Proposal Targets Substandard Lubes

Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council is considering adopting a policy that would crack down on sales of substandard lubes through a partnership between regulatory agencies, security operatives and local lubricant market stakeholders.

NNPC Launches Lubes in Nigeria

Industry insiders said they expect state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. to make waves with its entry into the country’s lubricant market last November.

Motor Oil Hellas, Naftal Partner in Algeria

Greek petroleum refiner Motor Oil Hellas, announced a 30 million euro investment to establish a joint venture blending plant in Algeria that will have capacity to produce 55,000 metric tons per year of lubricating oils and 5,000 t/y of greases.

Lube Services Gain Traction in Africa Mines

Several trends in Africas mining industry - including a skills shortage, environmental issues and contracting practices - are causing mining companies to procure lubrication services such as taking of lube samples for monitoring, a Shell official told a recent conference.

Africa Lags in Rerefining

Africa recycles less of its used lubricants into base oils than other regions, and several obstacles stand in the way of increasing that amount, industry officials said at a conference in Cape Town, South Africa, last month.

IMO 2020 Brings Increased Base Oil Freight Costs

Compliance with the looming IMO 2020 will impact the cost of freight for African lubricant blenders, and some were advised to place orders for base oils before the International Maritime Organizations regulation goes into effect, industry sources said.

Regs Modernize African Car Parcs

Half of Africas 54 countries have passed legislation regulating imports of used vehicles - either banning them completely or capping the age of units that can be brought in - and this is changing fleet mixes and gradually impacting base stock needs, an ExxonMobil official said at a conference here.

Free Trade Agreement Benefits African Blenders

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement that went into force in May benefits Africas lubricants blenders by reducing tariffs and other barriers to doing business with other countries within the continent, industry insiders said Nov. 6 at a conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lube Components from Human Waste?

The lubricants industry has a well-established practice of rerefining waste oils into base stocks that are used to make new lubes. Now a South African start-up company is leading an effort to make lubricants from human waste.

Nigerian Blenders Demand Tariff Hike

The Lubricant Producers Association of Nigeria asked the countrys government to raise the tariff on imported finished lubricants to 50 percent to protect local blenders. Opponents contended the increase would hurt lubricants importers, noting that the current 30 percent tariff forced many companies out of the market when first implemented.