Volume 5 Issue 7

New Panel Tackles PC-12 Costs

The development process that began last month for PC-12, the next heavy-duty engine oil category for North America, has a monetary aspect that’s new compared to previous categories – a task force dedicated to grappling with rising costs of specification development. The American Petroleum Institute created the task force in response to concerns raised by the American Chemistry Council, which conditioned its December support for developing PC12 on formation of such a panel.

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STARFIRE's EX Industrial Breaks New Ground

Leading lubricants supplier STARFIRE is unveiling a new website to support the launch of its high performance EX Industrial line, making it even easier to access information about this exciting industrial lubricants range.

New Boss Still Hopeful for Isla Refinery

Following a handful of failures, Refineria di Kursou is once again starting another search of a new operator for the Isla Refinery. But RdK, the government agency that owns the refinery, is under new management and optimistic the five-year saga is finally coming to a close.

Rerefiners Rebounding from Pandemic

Rerefiners of used lubricants suffered some of the same problems that have impacted producers of virgin base oils during the COVID-19 pandemic, but one of the biggest problems for virgin base oil producers – a shortage of feedstocks for their own operations – became a big advantage for the rerefining segment;. Rerefiners enjoyed a significant uptick in demand from lubricant blenders who could not find enough virgin base oil.

U.S. Adds More Wind Turbines

Wind power generation capacity in the United States grew 10% in 2021 to 134,996 megawatts, but the amount added was less than the record high set in 2020, according to a market report by a national trade association that represents the renewable energy industry in the U.S.

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Briefly Noted

North Charleston, South Carolina-based Ingevity announced a general price increase effective April 1 – to exceed upwards of 50% in certain markets and regions – for tall oil fatty acid and distilled tall oil products and derivatives, citing continued supply and demand imbalance as well as increasing raw materials, logistics and packaging costs. Tall oil fatty-acid based derivatives are used in automotive and industrial lubricants.  OQ Chemicals announced on Feb. 14 that due to supply and demand and increased raw material costs, it will increase prices for isononanoic acid, used in synthetic lubricants, effective immediately by 19 cents per pound in North America and Mexico.