Rerefiners Rebounding from Pandemic


Rerefiners Rebounding from Pandemic
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Rerefiners of used lubricants suffered some of the same problems that have impacted producers of virgin base oils during the COVID-19 pandemic: an initial drop of demand, workplace disruptions, increased transportation costs.

But one of the biggest problems for virgin base oil producers – a shortage of feedstocks for their own operations – became a big advantage for the rerefining segment; rerefiners experienced little loss of feedstock supply and enjoyed a significant uptick in demand from lubricant blenders who could not find enough virgin base oil.

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Base Oils Emerge from Pandemic

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As is usually the case when crude oil prices are high, rerefined base oils are also enjoying a cost advantage compared to virgin base oils, since rerefineries rely on waste oil as feedstock.

Rerefiners say they are also getting a new boost from the sustainability movement, which is spurring interest in recycled raw materials and looking for opportunities to replace petroleum products.

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