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STARFIRE’s EX Industrial Breaks New Ground


STARFIRE’s EX Industrial Breaks New Ground

Leading lubricants supplier STARFIRE is unveiling a new website to support the launch of its high performance EX Industrial line, making it even easier to access information about this exciting industrial lubricants range.

The new line, which consists of five segments of products – hydraulic, gear, compressor, grease and specialty fluids addresses the need for high-performance lubricants for large-scale industrial applications – but without the high costs.

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STARFIRE has grown its foothold in the industrial segment in recent years with a broad offering of industrial lubricants – but the new EX range takes this to the next level and offers even more robust and durable products. The business has successfully established itself as a leading provider of quality lubricants, antifreeze, and chemicals and is well known for its focus on quality, performance, and customer service.

Photo courtesy of Coolants Plus Inc.

“We are already seen as a trusted, economical brand with products suited to everyone’s needs and specifications but with the increased demand we were seeing for high performance industrial lubricants in the marketplace, this seemed like a logical step for us,” says Tim Wullenweber, vice president of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus, Inc.

The response since its launch late last year has been extremely positive. The market has been calling out for competitively-priced products for large scale industrial applications – especially at a time when it has been particularly tricky sourcing product.

“With all the issues with distribution and the availability of some raw materials, it’s been extremely difficult for customers recently. Many of the majors either have allocations right now or are unable to ship certain products,” adds Wullenweber. “We haven’t had any issues as far as delivery is concerned and have found more and more people are willing to try STARFIRE industrial products now that they are familiar with the quality and performance of our automotive, heavy duty and agriculture STARFIRE portfolio. The feedback we’ve been getting has been fantastic.”

No matter how challenging the industrial application, STARFIRE is confident its ever-expanding portfolio offers a solution.

Coolants Plus’ PennStar blending facility is the force behind the EX industrial line’s rise. Photo courtesy of Coolants Plus Inc.

The new HYEX hydraulic oils have been carefully formulated to offer optimal levels of wear protection and longevity, while its TALEX gear oils provide outstanding performance across multiple gear configurations and help to significantly reduce friction.

The range also include CIREX compressor oils – with their high levels of thermal and oxidative stability, EPEX greases – offering protection at a wide range of temperatures, pressure and speeds, as well as  SOLEX specialty fluids that fulfill the needs for many of the specialty applications ranging from way lubes to heat transfer fluids and more.

“The STARFIRE brand is proven within the industry – it’s trusted, it’s reliable, and we’ve got a great track record,” says Wullenweber. “We’re constantly getting great feedback about our service and shorter lead times.”

“Thanks to our PennStar blending facility, we have the ability to control our blending formulations. We meticulously reformulated many of these products to assure they provide the performance requirements industrial customers expect. We also have a dedicated support team that understands the importance of getting products to our customers when they need it.”

The new EX Industrial line is available now through STARFIRE’s nationwide network of distributors.

Find out more about STARFIRE line of high-performance industrial lubricants at or contact us at 888-258-8723.

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