Volume 5 Issue 36

U.S. Base Oil Exports Flat, Imports Down

Base oil exports from the United States were flat in June, while base oil imports into the country declined 9%, compared to the same month last year, according to U.S. government agency data released on Monday.

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STARFIRE: Building Trust Through Reliability

With the industry continuing to suffer supply chain issues, raw material shortages, and rising prices, sourcing the right lubricants and getting them delivered on time has never been tougher. But that’s not been a problem for customers of STARFIRE, the leading lubricants brand of Ohio-based wholesale distributor Coolants Plus.

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Settlement Reached

A Missouri Federal District Court granted preliminary approval of a settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging some products of a tractor hydraulic fluid blender and the parent company for NAPA Auto Parts don’t meet required specifications.

California to Phase Out New ICE Vehicle Sales

The California Air Resources Board last month approved a rule that establishes a roadmap to end the sale of new internal combustion engine cars and light trucks, as part of a policy to switch to zero-emissions transport and reduce demand for fossil fuel.

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Briefly Noted

New light vehicles in the United States in August are expected to rise 4% to 1.1 million units, compared to the same month last year, according to a Cox Automotive forecast. New-vehicle inventory remains essentially unchanged since tight inventory began severely limiting sales in July 2021, the company noted.