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STARFIRE: Building Trust Through Reliability


STARFIRE: Building Trust Through Reliability
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With the industry continuing to suffer supply chain issues, raw material shortages, and rising prices, sourcing the right lubricants and getting them delivered on time has never been tougher. But that’s not been a problem for customers of STARFIRE, the leading lubricants brand of Ohio-based wholesale distributor Coolants Plus.

Combining competitively-priced products, outstanding customer service, and industry-best lead times, the business has quickly become the supplier of choice for the automotive, industrial, heavy duty, agriculture, and construction sectors.

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“As tough as this market is right now, we’re continuing to help our customers succeed,” says Tim Wullenweber, vice president of marketing and technical services at Coolants Plus, Inc. “Our extensive product line and people are just some of the key differentiators that keep our customers coming back to STARFIRE.”

A STARFIRE team member provides assistance to a customer. Photo courtesy of STARFIRE

With the major brands, it can be difficult getting callbacks from reps or finding answers to questions. STARFIRE’s team is always on-hand to get them the answers and products they need as quickly as possible.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is our personal approach and excellent customer service. Whether you’re placing an order, want information about our products, or need technical assistance, our team is always here to help,” he adds.

STARFIRE provides a one-stop shop, offering everything from motor oil and greases to antifreeze, diesel fuel additives, and degreasers. Packing styles include everything from case good to bulk transport loads.

“We offer the same quality and performance of the larger suppliers but have the additional flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and provide a personalized service,” says Wullenweber. “If you need multiple different products, for example, we can build mixed pallets, with various products and packaging styles to help you stay in control of your inventories.”

The business blends its own motor oils, gear oils, industrial oils, and custom formulations at its PennStar blending facility, a 10-acre site in Northampton, Pennsylvania, with a production capacity of over 3.5 million gallons each month.

Quality is assured thanks to an in-house laboratory that tests all products before they ship, ensuring they meet the required specifications and the unique needs of our customers.

As an additional service, STARFIRE also offers its SENTRY Fluid Analysis program to help diagnose, identify, and address problems before they happen. Samples can be sent directly to the facility for a single spot test or regular monthly, quarterly, or annual analysis as part of a preventative maintenance plan. Results are typically returned within 48 hours, providing peace of mind that fluids are effective and equipment is running optimally.

STARFIRE also has its own logistics department and prides itself on how quickly it fulfils orders – its company-owned fleet of bulk transport trucks and tankers helping to ensure timely deliveries.

“We not only contract through third-party carriers but also manage our own fleet of trucks, which allows us to control our freight much better than others, with shorter lead times and almost immediate shipping on orders for delivery. We have a growing network of STARFIRE distributors across the nation and are always looking for more.”

In the space of just a few years, STARFIRE has become a trusted brand and cemented its position as a leading supplier of lubricants, antifreeze, and chemicals – providing premium products at affordable prices.

With an ever-expanding portfolio and continued investment in its facilities and infrastructure, STARFIRE is ensuring it is able to satisfy growing demand and stand out from the crowd.

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Image courtesy of STARFIRE

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