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March 2017

Maximize Drain Intervals
ExxonMobil is taking oil changes out of drivers’ to-do lists with its new Mobil 1 Annual Protection synthetic motor oil. The product offers motorists up to 20,000-mile drain intervals, the company says, providing protection, increasing engine performance for one full year and lowering the environmental impact of used oil. The motor oil shows resistance against oxidation, thermal stability, improved wear protection and decreased buildup of sludge and deposits, according to tests conducted by the company. The engine oil’s guarantee applies to customers who use Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filters, and does not apply to vehicles used for racing or commercial applications. Mobil 1 Annual Protection is available at retail stores across the United States in SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities. Web:

Mobil 1 Annual Protection synthetic motor oil.
Mobil 1 Annual Protection synthetic motor oil.

Improved Oil Check
Spectro Scientific has made a new software version available for its SpectrOil 100 and SpectrOil M series of oil analyzers. Both instruments measure suspended or dissolved particles in mineral or synthetic oils using a rotating disc electrode technique for determining elemental composition in fluids. Version 8 of the software offers stability improvements through new signal processing methods and facilitates calibration and standardization for faster operation, the company adds. It also has an improved background measurement method that provides lower limits of detection in field applications, including temperature and background measurement corrections that eliminate re-standardization. The software boosts remote support for users by identifying files that should be sent to the company’s labs for further analysis. Web:

SpectrOil 100 and SpectrOil M
Faster oil results.

Detailed Oil Change Reminders
Cobra Systems released a new reminder sticker system for oil change businesses and repair shops. The Striker Pro Reminder Sticker System uses a portable keyboard and printer that provides stickers with the shop’s location, contact information and the date for the next maintenance or oil change appointment, as well as a QR code for the customer to access the shop’s schedule and confirm their next appointment online, the company says. The QR code can be programmed with promotional offers, recommended oil types, tire rotation or other repair services and messages from the shop. Cobra Systems also provides customizable stickers with a business’ logo that are compatible with the Striker Pro. Web:

Striker Pro
Don’t forget that oil change.

Uniform Blending
Ross released the VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer for paste, cream and gel-type materials. The machine has a three-wing anchor, a high speed dispenser and a high shear rotor that operate independently at different speeds to allow for uniform powder dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, homogenization, heating, cooling or removing air from low- and high-viscosity products, the company states. The mixer cover has multiple ports for loading raw materials and installing a vacuum/pressure transmitter, thermal probe and tank light. A 23-inch separation from the valve outlet to the floor allows operators to position a bucket under the vessel to catch finished product after the mixing cycle, the company adds. The product comes in models that can mix one to 4,000 gallons, with planetary mixers available for processing extremely viscous materials. Web:

VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer
Mix the toughest jobs.

February 2017

More Approvals for Mobil Jet Oil
Pratt & Whitney is the latest original equipment manufacturer to approve Mobil Jet Oil 387 from ExxonMobil to be used in its PurePower Geared Turbofan 1500G aircraft engines. The product is a synthetic, high performance capability turbine engine oil tested on P&W’s Bombardier C-series narrow body, twin engine, medium-range airliners. The oil provides improved elastomer compatibility, thermal and oxidative stability and advanced deposit control, ExxonMobil claims. Mobil Jet Oil 387 can be used as a single oil for various P&W equipment needs in addition to its engines, the manufacturer adds, reducing complexity and lubricant storage. Web:

Mobil Jet Oil 397
Oils ascending.

Lukoil Gets Approval from Ford Trucks
Lukoil received approval for use of its Avantgarde Professional SAE 5W-30 motor oil in Ford commercial trucks in Russia from the United States manufacturer’s joint venture with Turkey’s Koc Holding, Ford Otosan. The product is a synthetic engine oil designed for diesel engines running under severe conditions and that require extended drain intervals, the company says. It is blended with base stocks and additives that allow the oil to have low concentration of sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur. The engine oil meets Ford’s specification for heavy-duty diesel engines and is suitable for Ford Cargo FPT engines without affecting its recommended oil drain interval of around 32,000 miles, the company adds. The engine oil meets ACEA E4, E6 and E7 standards in addition to API CI-4, as well as Euro VI emission requirements in combination with low sulfur diesel fuels, Lukoil claims. Web:

Chevron Marine Oil Analysis Reaches China
Chevron Marine Lubricants is making its used oil analysis service available to the Chinese market with a new laboratory in Shanghai. The Fluid Analysis Service and Trending or FAST oil analysis service measures iron and copper content, base number, pentane insoluble material, viscosity at 40 degrees Celsius and acid number in samples of marine oils, the company says. Diagnostics include comments from Chevron’s oil analysts, the company boasts. Chia Yoo Soon, general manager of Chevron Marine, noted that the facility in China will reduce the time for samples to be tested, providing faster results and improved on board monitoring of marine oils. Web:

BioBlend Releases Marine Grease
BioBlend now has its first grease for marine vessel applications. BioGrease M3 is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant made from vegetable oils and thickened with high-shear stable lithium soap that protects equipment against wear and rust whether it’s in service or in storage, the company claims. The grease has a blend of polymers that enable it to function at high temperatures and improve water resistance, pumpability and adhesion in service. Operators can use the product in marine components moving at less than 900 revolutions per minute which require full boundary lubrication, such as trunnions, open gears, hopper dredges, dredging spud rails and others. Web:

Remote Container Tracking
ATEK Access Technologies released a version of its tank monitoring system with GPS capabilities. The TankScan Ultrasonic Cellular Monitor provides location information and remote monitoring of deployed lubricant, chemical, fuel and diesel storage tanks, totes and containers. The battery-powered device is placed on top of the tank or container to facilitate level measurements, allowing businesses to know where a tank is located to plan efficient deliveries and pick-ups as well as service intervals. The monitoring system can be accessed via computer, tablet and smartphones with an Internet connection. Web:

TankScan Ultrasonic Cellular Monitor
Containers stay on track.

Cool Down Compressors
ExxonMobil’s Mobil SHC Gargoyle 80 POE is a synthetic industrial refrigeration oil for compressors that use carbon dioxide as refrigerant gas. The company says the product is formulated with polyol esters to enhance wear protection and chemical and thermal stability, and its high viscosity index offers low temperature fluidity and improved evaporator efficiency. The high film thickness of the lube heightens compressor protection and shaft sealing compared to mineral oil, “potentially extending compressor life, reducing unscheduled downtime and lowering maintenance costs,” ExxonMobil boasts. The product can be used in applications such as food preparation, freezing operations, cold storage and marine compressor refrigeration. Web:

Better Lubricant Blends
Emery Oleochemicals is offering a replacement for sebacic acid used in lubricants and greases. Emerox is a biobased azealic acid that can be blended directly into formulations or used as a complexing agent in grease to provide oxidation and extreme temperature resistance, the company says. The product has a lower melting point, lower pour point to enhance cold-temperature flow and reduced molecular weight to produce more esters per pound of acid. In addition, it improves water resistance, oil separation and mechanical stability of the lubricant. The product can be used in applications such as ester-based synthetic lubricants, lithium complex greases and in corrosion inhibitors for water-based metalworking fluids and engine coolants. Web:

Emerox azealic acid
Emerox azealic acid for metalworking fluids.

Overpower Friction Wear
Kluber keeps automotive actuator failure at bay with Klubersynth specialty greases. BR 46-82 protects brakes, ball screws and other power transmission elements from wear at temperatures ranging from -40 to 180 degrees Celsius, the company says. BR 46-32 provides long-term lubrication of components under rolling contact such as ball screws, rolling bearings and small gears. Its low viscosity allows the grease to perform at -45 C and minimizes friction due to torque, the manufacturer adds. BR 46-32 F is another low-viscosity grease that helps keep planetary rolling contact gears or ball screws in clutch and brake actuators running at low temperatures, while also providing oxidation stability at high temperatures, the company boasts. All of the greases are made with base oil that is compatible with standard brake fluids and EPDM materials. Web:

Klubersynth on rolling bearings
Put the brakes on wear.

Stabilize Aircraft Parts
Milacron launched a metalworking fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in the aerospace industry. Cimperial 35-880 is a boron- and formaldehyde-free emulsifier that provides stability, fluid pH buffering and corrosion protection to aircraft components made from aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, nickel- and cobalt-based alloys, the company says. Like other products in the Cimperial line, extreme pressure additives make the fluid suitable for heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. The product also has low foaming tendency, high lubricity and enhanced rancidity control, the company states. Web:

Cimperial 35-880
Fly away, corrosion!

Haul Away
Fleet operators haul for more miles with Mack Trucks’ new genuine motor oil. Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 protects parts from oxidation, gives aeration control and provides fuel economy under high loads and temperatures, the company says. Mack claims that its engine oil extends drain intervals for long, regional and heavy haul applications to 60,000, 50,000 and 40,000 miles, respectively, reducing consumption and maintenance costs. The genuine motor oil, available in SAE 10W-30 and 15W-40 viscosities, is being used as factory fill for Mack’s 2017 engines, meets API’s CK-4 standard and is backwards compatible with applications that use CJ-4. Web:

Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5
Less idling, more moving.

Verdezyne Launches Corrosion Inhibitor
Rust hits a wall with Verdezyne’s FerroShield HC corrosion inhibitor. The product is a biobased, nitrate-free dibasic acid mixture for production of water-soluble metalworking fluids, metal cleaners, die cast release agents and aqueous hydraulic fluids. The powder shows corrosion resistance and hard water stability when diluted into a metalworking fluid, the company says. To prevent precipitation, the manufacturer recommends diluting the mixture with deionized water. The product is available globally and can be incorporated into companies’ existing metalworking fluid formulations. Web:

FerroShield HC corrosion inhibitor
A solution to oxidation.

Portable Temperature Stats
Anton Paar released a portable thermometer for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. The MKT 10 is a lightweight, handheld thermometer that provides accurate temperature measurements in Millikelvin through a sensor with an accuracy of 10 mK, the company says. The device has three modes to measure temperature and resistance statistics. Its measurement accuracy of 0.01 degrees Celsius allows it to make at-line and quick on-site measurements in an instrument or liquid bath, the company adds. The thermometer runs on batteries or power over an Ethernet connection. Web:

MKT 10 thermometer
Measurements on the go.

Prevent Particle Contamination
Stanhope-Seta launched a particle monitor to detect contamination in lubricants. The AvCount Lube monitor tests in-service lubricants, hydraulic fluids and insulating oils with viscosity up to 200 square millimeters per second for particles caused by dirt and dust in the system, component wear, oil aging and sludge, the company says. The product has two modules: the Sample Delivery System and the Particle Counter Monitor. The latter can function independently as a portable instrument for testing lubes and oils with up to 64 mm2/s viscosity, the company adds. The device can be used in a distribution warehouse or a laboratory and comes pre-programmed with one ASTM and two ISO test methods. Provided software comes with standard test methods and allows for custom test methods. Web:

AvCount Lube monitor
Seize damage before it starts.

Chevron Marine Releases Cylinder Oil
Taro Special HT Ultra is the latest cylinder lubricant developed by Chevron Marine alongside Man Diesel & Turbo. The two-stroke, 140 base number cylinder oil resists cold corrosion conditions, runs on high sulfur fuel at low speeds and has flexibility for blending on board, the company says. The product protects marine liners, pistons and rings from friction wear and scuffing, and its dispersant properties minimize deposit formation in the combustion chamber. The cylinder oil is compatible with single-phase alkaline diesel cylinder lubricants used in the international marine trade and provides lower consumption on newer marine engines, the company boasts. Web:

Amsoil Enhances HDEOs
Amsoil released two new lines of diesel engine oils to meet API CK-4 specs, which replace its Premium Synthetic Diesel and OE Synthetic Diesel products. The company says its Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers cold temperature performance, reduced oil consumption and protection for extended drain intervals, and is available in SAE 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40 and 15W-20 viscosities. The Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil offers increased protection and performance compared to conventional synthetic diesel oils, the company claims, and comes in 5W-40, 10W-30 and 15W-40 viscosities. Both product ranges have improved wear protection, oxidation and shear stability, reduced emissions and better fuel economy, Amsoil boasts. Web:

Amsoil HDEOs
Amsoil's upgraded HDEOs.

Truck Onward
Royal Purple introduced a line of lubricants for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The product range includes Syndraulic Fluid for hydraulic systems in various applications, Syntractor III for tractor transmissions, brakes and hydraulics, Max-Tane Diesel Fuel Additive to boost lubrication for light- and heavy-duty diesel engines and Ultra Performance Grease for bearing and chassis lubrication. The company says the products are formulated to resist oxidation and perform under extreme weight and shock loading. Applications include construction vehicles, fleet trucks, mining and agricultural equipment. Web:

Royal Purple heavy-duty lubricants
Let your lube do the heavy lifting.

January 2017

Valtris Releases Wax-based Lubes
Valtris Specialty Chemicals launched two new lubricants for plastic pipework. Petrac 200, produced with Fischer-Tropsch wax technology, is formulated for rigid PVC pipes and suitable for contact with potable water, the company says. Petrac 230 is a high density oxidized polyethylene wax with metal release properties that acts as a fusion promoter “to enable more controlled processing of highly filled and difficult to fuse formulations,” Valtris adds. Both lubricants can be combined with other products from the company’s line to assist in extrusion of rigid PVC components. Web:

Upgraded Oil Analysis
Spectro Scientific introduced its most recent version of the FluidScan portable infrared oil chemistry analyzer. The product features more accurate results by lowering limits of detection on total water measurement for turbine oils from 1,000 parts per million to 300 ppm, the company states. It also has an expanded oil library to facilitate matching of over 700 oils and modified functions such as data viewing to increase analysis speed. In addition to water, FluidScan measures total acid number, oxidation, glycol, total base number and other parameters using Spectro’s Direct Infrared Spectroscopy technology. Web:

FluidScan Version 5
Give oil measurements a boost.

Shield Circuits from Corrosion
Cortec released a corrosion inhibitor for electronic components and electrical equipment. The EcoSonic Cleaner protects metals and alloys in indoor and outdoor applications against moisture, oils, grime and other contaminants in industrial, marine and tropical environments, the company says. The vapor phase corrosion inhibitor formulation can be sprayed on the components of generators, junction boxes, electrical outlets, contacts and motors, printed circuit boards and high or low voltage devices like relays, connectors, sensors and wiring. The company adds that the product “does not alter the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal substrates and can be safely applied for protection of electronic circuits or relays without causing any significant changes in conductivity.” Web:

EcoSonic Cleaner
Keep the energy flowing.

Defend Metal Surfaces
Amsoil has reformulated its Heavy-Duty Metal Protector to improve the lubricant’s corrosion protection. The quick-drying lubricant spray protects steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals from damage caused by salt, moisture and chemical corrosion by displacing water and dirt on surfaces, the company says. The product produces a wax-like film that resists fling-off and can be used for automotive, off-highway, industrial and outdoor power equipment applications, the company adds. Web:

Amsoil Heavy-Duty Metal Protector
Bust that rust.

Tougher Wire Ropes
Marine vessel operators can now keep their wire ropes in top shape with an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant from Rocol for use in ports, shipping, dredging and deep sea fishing applications. Biogen Marine Rope Dressing lubricant creates a protective barrier against corrosion for ropes in wet or submerged environments, the company says. Its additives minimize the possibility of lube falling to the ground or on cargo crane cabs, and can be easily cleaned up in the event of fling-off. Biogen’s viscosity makes it ideal for pumping through automatic lubrication systems that assist lubricant penetration between the wire rope’s strands, Rocol boasts, and its thickening structure prevents the lubricant from melting and dripping in warmer climates. Web:

Biogen wire rope lubricant
Strengthen those ropes.

Cleaner Forging Lube
Oelheld launched a lubricant for hot forging of steel and alloys. AirForge 4028 is a colorless, graphite-free lube that protects metals against oxidation, gas diffusion and heat, the company states, and allows for cleaner operating floors and equipment. The product is diluted in water and can be used by dipping or spraying in metal blanks. The company adds the lube is free of lead, solvents and other toxic components. Web:

Mycroleum Makes Synthetics
Mycroleum’s latest product launch includes several EP greases along with synthetic engine oils for commercial and industrial vehicles in the North American market. This addition includes the company’s first synthetic engine oils, along with a gear oil and tractor hydraulic fluid. The 14 new lubricants are available in five gallon pails, six gallon boxes, 55 gallon drums, or totes, and larger upon request. Web:

December 2016

ExxonMobil Soars High
ExxonMobil Aviation recently received approval for its Mobil Jet Oil 387 to be used in all integrated drive generator models of United Technologies Corp. Aerospace Systems. The oil company says its synthetic turbine engine oil protects components and offers oxidative stability in high-temperature conditions common in IDGs, which are mounted on accessory gearboxes of planes and provide constant frequency alternate current electricity to an aircraft. The product went through a two-year evaluation period in IDGs of various engine types, and meets industry specifications for commercial and Unites States military aircraft applications, ExxonMobil adds. Web:

Mobil Jet Oil 387
Stability at any altitude.

Minimize Bearing Wear
SKF launched a grease to reduce brinelling damage – permanent indentations on hard surfaces – for hub bearings in contact with raceways during vehicle motion. The product helps limit fretting corrosion and damage caused by vibration, the company says, limiting friction and wear while extending the bearings’ service life and performance. Roberto Galante, manager of advanced development wheel end at SKF, added that the grease will help “ensure that the microdamages caused by ball raceway contact in hub bearing units during vehicle transportation will not exceed the strict thresholds specified by automotive companies.” The grease is fully compatible with bearing components, including new designs and retrofits. Web:

SKF Hub bearing
Race away from bearing damage.

Shift between Vehicles
Passenger cars and commercial vehicles can keep operating optimally with Exol Lubricants’ new automatic transmission fluid. Autotrans ELC is a multivehicle ATF blended with fully synthetic base stocks that protects against oxidation and wear, controls sludge and varnish formation, provides thermal stability and resists shudder, the company says. The product is suitable for modern and older cars with 6 to 8 horsepower automatic transmissions, in addition to providing protection to gearboxes in buses Exol claims. Autotrans ELC meets performance specifications from original equipment manufacturers like Allison, Man and Voith, and is available in 1-, 20-, 25- and 205-liter bottles as well as intermediate bulk containers. Web:

Exol Autotrans ELC
Multivehicle defense.


Optimized Cylinder Lubrication
Maersk Fluid Technology announced its upgraded Sea-Mate Blending-on-Board Value Calculator to boost lubrication aboard vessels. The BOB calculator blends a high base number cylinder lubricant and additives with the system oil to fit operational factors of a two-stroke engine, the company explains. “The resulting fit-for-purpose cylinder lubricant composition matches actual engine operating conditions and fuel sulfur levels,” Maersk adds. In addition, the calculator generates continuous consumption of the in-use system oil and replenishes the crank case oil to optimize viscosity and reduce friction. The BOB calculator also allows ship operators to generate reports that highlight potential cylinder oil, fuel and energy consumption savings, as well as reduced maintenance costs. Web:


Extreme Performance
Scorching heat, bitter cold and hazardous conditions are no match for Nasyn’s new range of perfluoropolyether base oils. Lubaso PFPE are colorless, nonreactive and nonflammable fluorinated synthetic oils that protect and extend the service life of components in automotive, electronic, textile, medical equipment, aerospace and food processing applications, according to the manufacturer. The base oils remain stable in operating temperatures ranging between -75 to 370 degrees Celsius in highly corrosive or oxidative conditions, possess electrical resistance and radiation hardness, and their low volatility makes them compatible with metals, the company adds. They are also nontoxic, mitigating environmental harm. Web:

New Instruments for China
Spectro Scientific recently made four of their measurement products available to the Chinese market. The FerroCheck 2000 is a portable magnetometer that measures ferrous wear particles in lubricants through a 30-second analysis of a sample, the company says. The MiniLab 153 is an oil analysis system with an elemental analyzer to detect contaminants and metals, combining multiple tests that monitor lubricant chemistry and machinery wear in power generation and industrial equipment. The FieldLab Q5800 is a fluid analysis system designed for military operations and original equipment manufacturers that provides detection of abnormal wear metals, particle counting, viscosity and lubricant condition and contamination tests in a compact, field-based system, Spectro adds. Finally, the fully-automated MicroLab oil analyzer measures key properties of oil chemistry, kinematic viscosity and concentration of wear and contamination metals in engine, generator, gear box, power steering and transmission fluids for trucking, mining and oil drilling applications. Web:

MiniLab 153 oil analysis system.
FieldLab Q5800 fluid analysis system.
MicroLab oil analyzer.
Top to bottom, Spectro Scientific's MiniLab 153, FieldLab Q5800 and MicroLab oil analysis systems.


Total USA Releases PC-11 Oils
Total USA is the latest manufacturer to roll out a new range of engine oils that meet API CK-4 and FA-4 specifications. Rubia Optima oils are designed to reduce wear, control oxidation, improve shear stability and decrease piston deposits in heavy-duty diesel engines, the company says. In addition, the motor oils help diminish carbon dioxide emissions, increase fuel-efficiency and allow for longer drain intervals. Rubia Optima lubricants are ideal for transportation and off-road equipment such as long- and short-haul delivery trucks, farm tractors and construction equipment, Total adds. Web:


Petronas Fills Proton Engines
Petronas Lubricants International launched an exclusive line of its Syntium-branded engine oils formulated for cars manufactured by Malaysia’s national automaker Proton. The fully synthetic Syntium 3000 SE 5W-30, semi-synthetic Syntium 800 SE 10W-30 and Syntium 500 SE 15W-40 mineral engine oil protect against excessive heat caused during traffic congestion, driving up steep slopes and continuously accelerating on highways using Petronas’ CoolTech technology, the company claims. All three motor oils are all available at Proton service centers. Web:


Sail Smoothly
Royal Purple released its line of BioMax Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants to protect marine equipment against corrosion. Biomax EAL Gear Oil and Biomax EAL Hydraulic Oil are formulated using Royal Purple’s biodegradable synthetic base oils and additives to protect metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and oxidation caused by heat, the manufacturer says. The products can be applied to marine hydraulic systems, gears, stabilizers, rudders, thrusters, controllable pitch propellers and azipods of vessels measuring above 79 feet. The company adds that both products are compliant with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s standards and fulfill Vessel General Permit requirements. Web:


Eneos Goes Ultra-low
JX Nippon USA developed a fuel efficient motor oil in cooperation with Japanese automakers. Eneos 0W-16 is a fully synthetic, ultra-low viscosity engine oil reduces wear, protects against oxidation and provides fuel savings of up to 2 percent over 0W-20 viscosity motor oils, according to internal test data from JX Nippon. The company adds that its blend of synthetic base oils and additives makes the engine oil perform without losing lubricity, which tends to be a tradeoff in low-viscosity oils. Eneos 0W-16 is already used in factory or service fills for several hybrid vehicle automakers in Japan, and is now available for commercial applications in the United States and Canada. Web:

Synchronized Measurements
Anton Paar has added a kinematic viscometer to its SVM series of measuring equipment. SVM 4001 Stabinger Viscometer is a double-cell instrument designed to determine viscosity and density simultaneously at any two temperatures between 15 and 100 degrees Celsius, the company says. The product only requires a minimum sample of 1.5 milliliters to conduct measurements and a small amount of solvent for cleaning, leading to a simpler process and reduced disposal costs, according to the manufacturer. These features allow for fast, accurate analysis of lubricants, base oils and additives, in addition to condition monitoring of in-service oils. Web:

Anton Paar SVM 4001 viscometer
All your measurements in one go.

Catch Oil Impurities
Des-Case Corp.’s redesigned oil sight glass detects oil contamination before it can cause equipment damage. The product is a clear cylinder that offers continuous fluid monitoring of oil clarity and color as well as sediment and water contamination inside the machine while it operates, the company says. The device can be installed in the drain port of pumps, gearboxes, bearing housings and other parts, and can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical applications. It features a white bottom to improve detection of sediments in the oil. In addition, the product has a sloped floor for better sediment drainage, indication marks to monitor water accumulation, improved ultraviolet resistance and compatibility with all gear oils, mineral oils and most synthetic fluids, the company claims. Web:

Oil sight glass.
Clear monitoring.

November 2016

Water-Free Lubrication
Soggy packages on damp conveyor belts are a thing of the past with a dry lubrication kit from Tetra Pak. Unlike wet lubrication, which involves high quantities of water mixed with oil, the company says its product reduces wetness on equipment and factory floors by using a small amount of food grade dry lubricant on the conveyor belt. The Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit is fully automated to ensure precise performance and decreases hours dedicated to maintenance while providing better health and safety for workers on the operating floor, the company claims. The dry lubrication kit comes with the lubricant and application systems and can be installed in a short time to avoid major disruptions to production. Web:

Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit.
Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit.

Solid Chain Protection
Kluber has launched a high-temperature resistant chain oil for food processing, pharmaceutical and related applications. Kluberfood NH1 CH 6-120 Supreme is a synthetic oil that protects conveyor chains from wear and corrosion up to 650 degrees Celsius, the company says. The product is formulated with H1-registered white solid lubricants instead of black graphite. “This leads to improved food safety since contamination with black particles is avoided, and longer relubrication periods because of the impregnation effect of the solid lubricant,” said Aldemir Oliveira, market manager for food lubricants at Kluber. The chain oil can be used to lubricate plate carrier chains in baking ovens and is safe for incidental contact with products and packaging materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed. Web:

Bread rolling through a transport chain.
Supreme heat resistance.

Efficient Blending
A new mixer from Ross helps turn powdered materials into liquids inside a temperature-controlled, closed vessel. The 200-L Portable High Shear Mixing System features stainless steel wetted parts, a thermal dimpled jacket, a charge port for adding solids into the batch, chloride-free insulation with stainless steel sheathing, a high accuracy weighing scale and gas-purged controls. The dished top cover has dip tubes that extend into the container to allow for suction and transfer of the finished product, the company says, and for adding liquid materials into the mix. The high shear mixer has a four-blade rotor capable of 3,600 revolutions per minute, and can be operated safely in a Class 1 Division 1 hazardous area with presence of flammable gases or vapors. Web:

Ross Portable High Shear Mixing System.
Dissolve those mixtures.

Eradicate Corrosion
Cortec is tackling soil-side corrosion in aboveground storage tanks with three products that defend against airborne chlorides and moisture. CorroLogic’s vapor phase corrosion inhibitors protect the open areas below the tanks that methods like cathodic protection can’t reach, absorbing and creating a protective molecular barrier to resist corrosion, the company says. For new tanks, the VpCIs can be placed in a pouch under the tank’s surface to prevent corrosion during construction. CorroLogic Slurry can be injected underneath tanks already in service, through existing monitoring or leakage detection pipes, the company adds. Meanwhile, tanks taken out of service can use CorroLogic Powder fogged through the floor of the tank to reach any corrosive particles underneath. Web:

Aboveground storage tanks.
Corrosion can’t hide.


Take Your Pick
Amsoil released eight new lubricant products and kits for automotive, marine, on- and off-road and power sports applications. Of note, the company says its European Car Formula 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil offers improved emissions system protection and cleanliness for modern European gasoline and diesel engines, including turbocharged ones. Their Synthetic DCT Fluid protects dual-clutch transmission parts from shudder and gear clashing, allowing for smooth shifts and performance in extreme temperatures. The Synthetic Chain Lube protects motorcycle chains from wear and corrosion to extend durability, and the Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid protects gears and clutch plates. The company also released a 25W-40 Synthetic Blend Marine Engine Oil to protect gasoline-fueled watercraft engines. Web:

Drive Without Hassle
No matter the road conditions, Phillips 66 Lubricants aims to keep passenger cars covered with its seven Shield-branded motor oils. The formulations protect engines from wear, bearing corrosion, sludge, varnish formation and rust and resist viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures, the company says. Its fully synthetic blends are Shield Armor, Shield Euro-Tec for European passenger cars and Shield Valor, which has an SAE 5W-30 viscosity formulated to meet General Motors’ 2015 Dexos1 specifications for direct injection turbocharged gasoline engines. Shield Choice and Shield Defense are semi-synthetic oils for high- and low-mileage cars, with the latter protecting against deposit formation and oil thickening and revitalizing engine seals to reduce leaks and oil consumption. Web:

Phillips 66 Shield lineup.
Protection no matter where you go.

Castrol Goes Biobased
Castrol is launching its first plant-based renewable motor oil with Edge Bio-Synthetic. The product is 25 percent sugar cane oil and offers the same level of performance as other Castrol Edge products, the company claims. It meets API SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications, and will be offered in SAE 5W-30, 0W-20 and 5W-20 viscosity grades. In addition to having a Certified Biobased label from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Castrol aims to have the engine oil qualified as carbon neutral through parent company BP’s Target Neutral program. The engine oils will be commercially available in one- and five-quart bottles on Amazon and through some authorized installers in the United States in January. Web:

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic motor oil.
Sweet engine protection.

Pennzoil, Quaker State Change Packaging
Pennzoil and Quaker State rolled out new packaging for their one-quart and multi-quart motor oil bottles. Pennzoil will switch to all-yellow bottles and jugs, while Quaker State will have all-green containers. For each of the two brands, the new bottles will also feature an improved heavy duty cap for easier opening, optimized ergonomics for easy pouring and handling, clear product tiers across the portfolio with color-coded caps and labels, and prominent placement of viscosity grades to aid in product selection. “The redesign of Pennzoil and Quaker State product packaging is intended to streamline the look of our entire portfolio of high-performing motor oils to reflect the advanced technology inside the package,” said Doug Kooyman, global brand manager for Shell Lubricants Americas. Web:,

Quaker State and Pennzoil motor oil jugs.
Uniform selection.

Shrink Film Protection
Sealed Air introduced its Opti Next Generation Shrink Films, which offer up to 30 percent more footage for the same price as other products in the shrink film market, the company claims. The product’s Sealed Air 29-micro-layer technology produces a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and clarity than thicker films, as well as a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films, the company adds. The product line includes five all-purpose Opti NXG films and two soft-shrink Opti NXS gauges, the latter which can wrap around irregularly shaped products and soft items. The new films are recyclable and adapt to a wide range of shrink machinery. Web:

Opti Shrink Films.
Don’t let your products loose!

Hoist Those Materials
Flexicon is providing operators a safer way to unload products in regions prone to earthquakes. The Bulk-Out Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Unloader comes in three models made of carbon or stainless steel, with optional conveyors and weigh batching controls. The BFC model unloader frame features a four-sided cross-bracing to strengthen against bending and reduce structural failure during a seismic event. It is equipped with a cantilevered I-beam and electric hoist and trolley for lifting bulk bags without a forklift, while a manually operated valve allows the bag spout to be restrained and the drawstring untied to avoid spills, the company says. The other two models are the BFF unloader for forklift loading of bags, and the BFH half frame unloader requiring a forklift or plant hoist to suspend the bag during discharge. Web:

Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloader.
No shaking, no dropping.


VP Lubes Race In
VP Racing Fuels launched its VP Lubricants line of synthetic motor, gear and engine break-in oils to keep racing engines at their fastest. The first tier of motor oils, VP Professional Grade Full Synthetic Racing Oils, contain high levels of zinc antiwear additives as well as friction and viscosity modifiers, to maximize power and protection while lowering operating temperatures, the company says. The oils are designed for on-track applications in professional, semi-professional and high intensity amateur racing, and come in SAE 0W-20, 5W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 viscosities. The second set, VP Hi-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oils, are for small block race engines, vintage, hot rod, muscle and other race applications. These oils come in SAE 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities and are formulated to reduce wear, lower operating temperatures and protect against corrosion and rust. Web:

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