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April 2020

Apt Additive

Nanotech Industrial Solutions introduced its newest multi-functinoal additive, IW-5000. The water based antiwear, anti-friction and extreme pressure additive is formulated using inorganic nanostructured fullerene-like tungsten disulfide and may be used forsynthetic, semi-synthetic and emulsion metalworking fluids or any other water-miscible lubricating fluids. The company boasts that the zero-oil additive also offers good load carrying and cooling capacity and is nonflammable and nontoxic. Web: 


March 2020

Automatic Lube Controller

Graco Inc., a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, developed the GLC X automatic lubrication controller and accompanying mobile app. The company claims that GLC X collects information that allows operators and technicians to make quick and informed decisions that can increase productivity. The controller is equipped with Bluetooth and works alongside the company’s Auto Lube app to monitor a range of lubrication metrics, including levels, pressure and configurations, and can operate in varied environments, from industrial plants to heavy-duty construction sites. The app is compatible with most automatic lubrication systems. Web: 

Control your lubes automatically.


Stationary Gas Engine Oil

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ Sentron SP 40 stationary gas engine oil is formulated with 0.75 percent sulfated ash and is designed for use in four-stroke stationary gas engines operating with steel pistons. According to the company, the oil’s thermal and oxidative stability prevents deposits in the top ring grooves of steel piston engines to reduce wear and increase engine durability, while its alkalinity retention extends drain intervals. The oil is also formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Web: 

Sentron SP 40
Stationary Gas Engine Oil


Synthetic ATV Fluid

Amsoil introduced its new Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid for transmissions, differentials and front drives in Polaris all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles. The company says its fluid is formulated with 100 percent synthetic base oils that resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear and form a lubricating film that can resist extreme pressure and heat. It also reduces clutch chatter and has good oxidation resistance, which prevents deposit formation and allows the engine to run cooler. The fluid will not void the vehicle’s warranty if used, the company said. Web:


February 2020

Total-ly Recycled Hydraulic Fluid

Total Lubrifiants’ Eco2 range of industrial hydraulic fluids is made from recycled base oils. The range includes Azolla Eco2 46 and Equivis Eco2 46, both of which are designed for use in all kinds of hydraulic systems running under high pressure. The fluids also boast low pour points, mechanical stability with high resistance to shear, good thermal stability and resistance to hydrolysis. The company reports that Azolla Eco2 46 complies with ISO 11158 HM and DIN 51524-2 HLP specifications, while Aquivis Eco2 46 complies with ISO 11158 HV and DIN 51524-3 HVLP. The range is available in Europe. Web:


PAG Base Oils

Croda Energy Technologies launched its Emkarox VG NS range of base fluids designed for use in marine applications. The company says the range is polyalkylene glycol based and possesses all the properties of conventional base oils. The fluids are non-emulsifiable, have good hydrolytic stability, disperse in water at low concentrations and are non-sheening. This makes them ideal for use in stern tubes, according to Croda. The oils are available in ISO 100 and ISO 150 viscosity grades. Web:


Oronite Adds Additives

Chevron Oronite’s Oloa 48027 and Oloa 48028 trunk piston engine oil additive packages are the newest addition to the company’s marine and power generation system products. The additive packages are designed to provide high performance in engines operating in severe conditions and to maintain engine cleanliness while also taking into consideration ships’ increasingly diverse fuel and base oil options. Oloa 48027 was formulated for 20 to 55 base number TPEO in engines operating with residual fuel, while Oloa 48028 is meant for 12 to 20 BN TPEO in engines operating with distillate fuels. Both packages will be available early this year. Web:

Oronite OLOA Additives
Additives keep ships in shape.


High Performance at High Temps

Petron Malaysia launched Petron High-Temperature Protection, a new line of engine oils and specialty lubricant products. The line includes Blaze Racing HTP engine oil for gasoline engines, Rev-X Turbo HTP engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines, Gear Oil GHTP, Brake fluid HTP, ATF Premium HTP and Grease HTP. Both Blaze Racing HTP and Rev-X Turbo HTP are formulated using polyalphaolefin and are API licensed. The products are formulated to give improved engine cleanliness, efficiency and engine protection in extreme temperatures, the company claims. Web:


Biobased Industrial Lube

Neste and Finnish aerosol company AT-Tuote have developed an industrial lubricant made almost entirely from renewable materials, with Neste’s MY Renewable Isoalkane as its key component. AT Renewable Penetrating Lubricant can be used to release corroded parts, as well as to clean and lightly lubricate. According to AT-Tuote, the new sprayable lube combines renewable solvent and bio-based oil with a ceramic component that enables dry lubrication and easy release. The lube will be available in the spring of 2020 in Nordic countries as well as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Germany. Web:

AT-Tuote Biobased Lube
Spray and play.


January 2020

Safe Unloading

Flexicon’s Bulk-out Model BFF bulk bag discharger keeps workers clear of moving parts while unloading bulk bags. The steel safety cage features externally mounted controls and full height doors that automatically halt operation when they are open. The discharger fully automates the unloading process, and the hopper can be connected to optional pneumatic or mechanical conveyors and other downstream equipment. Web:

Flexicon Bulk-out Model BFF
Dump out your bag.



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