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June 2020

Testing Tools

Koehler Instrument Co. has two new machines on the market. The K192X1 Water Washout Tester features integrated digital temperature control at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 F, a digital timer, compact design and a large viewing window that enables the user to see the test being performed. The company is also marketing the updated Omnitek S-flow IV+ Automatic Houillon Viscosity System, which can test a wide range of lubricant viscosities. The bench-top system can run tests simultaneously at two different temperatures and has a high throughput of up to 80 samples per hour. Web:

High-tech viscosity testing


Automatic Lubrication

Weir Minerals’ Accumin Lubricators for mining equipment are designed to prevent bearing failures, reduce maintenance downtime and increase safety by decreasing the amount of manual maintenance, the company claims. The lubricators are produced in 125 cubic centimeter gas-driven configurations as well as 120cm3, 250cm3 and 500cm3 electromechanically-driven configurations. They can be installed up to five meters away from the lubrication point, allowing easy access to the mount while dispensing a consistent dose of lubricant, regardless of ambient temperature. The system can be easily monitored with an LCD display, a flashing LED alert system and a transparent grease cartridge. Web:

Lubricate without the fuss.


May 2020

Achieving Balance

Munzing’s next generation Foam Ban product range includes the Foam Ban HP900, 1500 and 1800 series, all designed to achieve the delicate balance needed for foam control effectiveness in industrial fluids. This generation of defoamers delivers outstanding persistence under harsh conditions, is fast acting with excellent foam knock-down and provides optimum compatibility and dosage, according to maker Munzing. The defoamers also feature exceptional initial and long-lasting defoaming performance, excellent compatibility and stability in fluid concentrates, superior washability and paintability. Web:


Sealed and Delivered

Chemours’ Krytox Performance Lubricants feature a range of greases that offer excellent adhesion properties, do not oxidize and have good high-temperature stability, the company says. The greases are resistant to acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam and moisture. They are compatible with all types of seal materials and can be used on seals in pumps, compressors, engines and other pressurized equipment. They also can be used in weather-proofing applications in automobiles. The greases can aid in assembly and improve O-ring durability and reliability. Web:

A sure seal
A sure seal


Three-roll Mill

Released in January, Exakt Technologies’ Exakt 120S Plus is the newest addition to the company’s S-line of three-roll mills. The mill offers a color display that enables easy monitoring of the production timer, speed, temperature and power consumption. It boasts an adjustable gap range from approximately 5 to 220 micrometers and increased safety features, such as safe cleaning and reverse operation modes. The mill is available with rollers made of chrome or aluminum oxide and can process a wide variety of materials, such as lubricants, on an industrial scale, the company claimed. Web: 

Safe Rolling
Safe Rolling


Oil Change Kit for Motorcycles

Amsoil rolled out a series of new motorcycle oil change kits. The HDCK and HDBK kits are compatible with Harley-Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 1999 through 2016. These kits include 4 quarts of Amsoil SAE 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin motorcycle oil as well as one oil filter in chrome or black and one drain plug O-ring. For bikes manufactured from 2017 to the present, the HDMC and HDMB kits include 5 quarts of oil along with the filter and drain plug O-ring. Web: 

The whole kit and caboodle for Harleys
The whole kit and caboodle for Harleys


Hybrid Lubes

Motul launched a comprehensive product range for hybrid vehicles with gasoline engines, including four engine oils, a coolant and a transmission fluid. The engine oils in the range come in viscosity grades SAE 0W-20, SAE 0W-16, SAE 0W-12 and SAE 0W-8. They offer good cold starts, decreased oil consumption and engine cleanliness, the company claims. Each oil in the range is available in 1-, 4-, 20- and 208-liter packages. Motul DHT e-ATF, the range’s transmission fluid, is completely synthetic and protects both the mechanical and electric propulsion sources in hybrids. Web:


April 2020

Keep It Quiet

Chemours has designed its Krytox Performance Lubricants to deliver very low in-cabin noise levels in automobiles. The lubricants eliminate unwanted noise from weather stripping and have excellent resistance to washout or degradation from rain, car washes and road chemicals. The lubes have low volatility and high resistance to drying out, the company claims. They are also easy to apply, non-staining, non-migrating and durable for the lifetime of the vehicle. The lubes’ areas of application include airbag and steering wheel components, facia and trim panels, console parts, headrests, and instrument panels. Web:​

Unheard of silence
Unheard of silence


Farewell to Foam

Specialty additive company Munzing’s Foam Ban 155 is a defoamer based on a hybrid of siloxane and polyacrylate in synthetic hydrocarbon. The defoamer is designed to provide excellent surface foam control while also minimizing its impact on air release in non-aqueous industrial lubricants. The company claims that the defoamer can help prevent pump cavitation and depletion of additives while also providing increased wear protection and extended tooling life. Foam Ban 155’s areas of application include non-aqueous grinding fluids, cutting oils, hydraulic oils and gear oils. Web:

Foam is a foe no more.
Foam is a foe no more.


Recycle, Reuse

Greif’s new GCube intermediate bulk container is a greener shipping option. The inner layer of the container is made of high density polyethylene, while the two external layers are made from a blend of post-consumer resin. The company claims that the layers assure product integrity while the outer PCR layers reduce the carbon footprint of the entire container by up to 11 percent. The new IBC is currently available from Greif’s Castenedolo plant in Italy and will soon be available across the globe in countries including Germany, Netherlands, Russia, China, Spain and the United States. Web:

Cubes of sustainability
Cubes of sustainability