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Volume 21, Issue 3: March 2015 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine


Colas Joins Group I Exodus

Colas Group will stop making base oil at its refinery in France by the end of this month – joining in a parade of Europeans leaving the Group I arena.

Is Fuel Economy Hiding in SAE J300?

In its current form, the venerable standard for defining engine oil viscosity grades may actually be hindering efforts to find fuel savings, contends Don Smolenski.

Weighing the Flexitank Option

Industrial packaging’s rising star is a 6,000-gallon plastic bag, fitted into a standard shipping container. Is it right for your base oils and lubes?

Gathering Clouds

Brazil appears to be falling behind on its targets for gathering used lubricating oil, missing some 14.7 million liters in first-half 2014 alone. That could trigger government action.

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