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Volume 20, Issue 11: November 2014 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine


Keep The Bucks Coming

They bring home the money for lubricant companies, so how much do these managers bring home themselves? We asked, in Part 2 of our exclusive Lubricants Industry Salary Survey.

Latin America Steps on the Gas

As the region turns to natural gas to jump-start its electricity growth, gas engine oil suppliers are jostling for a share of this energetic market.

What Floats Your Powerboat?

U.S. spending on powerboats has come roaring back, and so has consumer demand for outboard engine oils that can deliver peak performance.

Europe Wakes Up to Ilboc

Lubes'n'Greases visits the new API Group II/III base oil plant built by Spain's Repsol and South Korea's SK, just as its first shipments are poised to set sail.

Lopal Reinvents Itself

Diesel engine oils may dominate China's automotive market, but independent blender Lopal is eager to crack the lucrative gasoline engine oil segment.

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