Volume 7 Issue 13

Drone Attacks Target Rosneft Refinery

Rosneft’s refinery in Novokuybyshevsk, Russia, was targeted by Ukrainian drone strikes twice last week, the latest in an ongoing campaign against Russia’s energy infrastructure.

Germany Ends Down Year on Up Beat

Although Germany’s domestic lubricant sales, including process oils, declined 12% in 2023, its 5% increase in December ended a year-long trend of year-on-year decreases, according to data released Monday by a German government agency.

Georgia Lube Imports Rose in 2023

Lubricant imports stagnated in Georgia in 2023, according to data published by the Union of Oil Products Importers, a trade organization.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

China Base Oil Imports Dipped in 2023

Grease Plant Construction Starts in Vietnam

Kodiak Acquires Aztech Lubricants

Briefly Noted

Lubricants and fuels additives manufacturer Chevron Oronite announced construction of a warehouse at its Gonfreville l’Orcher Manufacturing Plant in France, with completion expected in late 2024. It will store drums and intermediate bulk containers, and it will be automated and equipped with the latest advances in warehousing and logistics.

Eastman selected Liverpool, England-based Meade-King Robinson & Co. Ltd. as exclusive distributor of Synergex multifunctional amine additives – which boost performance and extends the life of metalworking fluids – in several countries in Western and Eastern Europe.