Volume 6 Issue 51

Suit Calls Italy’s Conou Anti-competitive

Two Italian used oil recycling operators filed an antimonopoly petition against Conou, Italy’s National Consortium for Waste Oils Management, alleging that the consortium used its dominant position in the market to hinder their operation in the used oil rerefining industry, according to papers filed with the Italian Competition Authority.

Lanxess Completes Sulfur Carrier Expansion

Lanxess completed an expansion at its Mannheim, Germany, factory of production capacity for sustainable light-color sulfur carriers – used as extreme pressure additives for lubricants mainly used in the metalworking industry.

Looser Euro 7 Headed for Approval

The European Council and European Parliament reached a provisional agreement Monday to not make major changes to passenger car engine emissions limits in the upcoming Euro 7 standard.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Uzbekistan Base Oil Upgrade Delayed

South Korea Base Oil Exports Slide in November

Base Oil Exports from the United States Jump

Briefly Noted

French company Nyco announced that Pegasus, the leading low-cost operator in Turkey, selected its Turbonycoil 600 synthetic aviation turbine oil to lubricate the engines of its whole fleet of more than 100 aircraft, consisting of Airbus and Boeing airliners.