Lanxess Completes Sulfur Carrier Expansion


Lanxess Completes Sulfur Carrier Expansion
An automatic filling line that is part of the plant expansion for sustainable sulphur carriers at Lanxess' site in Mannheim, Germany. Photo courtesy of Lanxess

Lanxess completed an expansion at its Mannheim, Germany, factory of production capacity for sustainable light-color sulfur carriers – used as extreme pressure additives for lubricants mainly used in the metalworking industry.

The project will boost potential output of the materials by several thousand metric tons per year, beginning next year.

The company did not disclose the specific capacity increase and said in a Dec. 13 news release that the project increased represented an investment amount in the double-digit millions of euros. The expansion was originally announced in August 2021.

The colorless and odorless extreme pressure additives are mainly used in metalworking lubricants to reduce wear on metal surfaces and prevent cold welding even under extreme conditions, like high pressure. “Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for our customers,” Neelanjan Banerjee, head of the Lanxess Lubricant Additives Business, said in a news release. “With our sustainable light-color sulfur carriers, we have the right offering to meet customer needs and further expand our market position in extreme pressure additives.”

The company offers a range of extreme pressure additives under the brand names Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP, which are used in metalworking fluids, as well as greases, gear oils and slideway oils. In terms of industries, the Additin products are used in the metal industry, automotive industry and steel production. “They are highly effective in reducing wear on metal surfaces and prevent cold welding,” the company said.

According to Lanxess, most Additin EP products are environmentally friendly and are based on locally sourced, renewable raw materials, such as rapeseed oil and its ester derivatives. Lanxess labels the variants that are based on more than 50% sustainable raw materials with its Scopeblue sustainability brand.

Lanxess claims that the Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP – due to their favorable ecotoxicological profile and strong performance even at high machining speed and in heavy-duty metalworking processes – are an effective solution for formulators who wish to replace substances such as medium-chain chlorinated paraffins, which have been classified as Substances of Very High Concern by the European Chemicals Agency due to their environmental persistence and high bioaccumulation potential.