Volume 6 Issue 41

Lighter Engine Oils Lose Ground in Russia

Low-viscosity motor oils are losing ground in Russia at a time when many Western motor oil and car brands have exited the market, leaving voids filled by Chinese car brands and the heavier oils that they use, according to a Russian consulting firm’s findings.

Forecast: European Demand Will Slightly Shrink

Europe’s finished automotive and lubricant demand is forecast to decrease at a compound annual rate of 0.1% to 2032, hindered by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, while demand in Africa and the Middle East is projected to grow at a rate of 1.6%, boosted by increasing demand in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, consultancy Kline & Co. projected.

Lubes’n’Greases October Issue Available

The October issue features a special report on additives. Find out from where Russia is sourcing its additives after the major additive suppliers withdrew from the country as well as which factors have affected global additive supply during the past few years. Plus, discover how a Shell employee with ties to Oppenheimer was critical to key developments in additives and finished lubricants.

Shell Acquires Transformer Fluid, Coolant Lines

Shell Lubricants acquired two product lines from United Kingdom-based M&I Materials Ltd. – one for synthetic and ester-based transformer fluids and the other for electric vehicle battery coolants.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Hindustan Will Form Subsidiary for Lubes

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PdVSA Reopens Lube Blending Plant

Briefly Noted

India’s Maximus International Ltd., through its subsidiary Quantum Lubricants E.A. Ltd., appointed J Shrinika Ltd. in Kenya as its exclusive distributor for lubricants and other allied products across Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda in Africa.