Shell Acquires Transformer Fluid, Coolant Lines


Shell Acquires Transformer Fluid, Coolant Lines
Close up view of high voltage power transformers. © JARIRIYAWAT

Shell Lubricants acquired two product lines from United Kingdom-based M&I Materials Ltd. – one for synthetic and ester-based transformer fluids and the other for electric vehicle battery coolants.

The transformer fluids are sold under the Midel brand name and includes products made from rapeseed and soybean esters. The coolants are sold under the Mivolt brand and are dielectric fluids also made from esters. In addition to the electric vehicle market, they are also sold for data centers.

In a video posted alongside a press release, Shell said the Midel transformer fluids are used in power distribution, offshore wind parks, and traction power systems.

“The addition of the Midel and Mivolt premium product ranges to our portfolio acknowledges the growing ester fluid market and will help Shell Lubricants meet customer needs in the renewables and power sectors,” Shell Executive Vice President for Global Lubricants Jason Wong said in the press release.

“They will help us grow our market share in the industrial sector and expand our presence in new growth sectors through decarbonization offers,” Wong added.

“Ester fluid manufacturing has been a huge part of M&I Materials Ltd for over 45 years and a source of pride for everyone involved in developing this technology which customers in many markets worldwide have come to specify and trust,” M&I Materials Ltd Chairman Colin Salt said. For the purposes of the acquisition, M&I Materials will spin off Mivolt and Midel into M&I Materials Development Ltd., which Shell will acquire in full, the company stated.