Volume 6 Issue 30

Chinese Cars Won’t Affect Russia’s Lube Market

Russia imported 227,000 passenger cars in the first half of 2023 – more than tripling the amount in the same period last year – and around 75% came from Chinese suppliers, but this won’t affect the country’s automotive lubricant market, according to an industry analyst.

Lube Consumption in France Dips Again

Finished lubricant demand in France dipped in May by 14%, according to data released last week by the Paris-based Professional Lubricants Center, the fourth consecutive month that consumption declined year-on-year.

Special Report: Electric Vehicles

The Special Report on Electric Vehicles examines the greasing and heat management needs of this new category of automobiles plus some lessons gleaned from an electrified racing circuit.

Germany Lube Demand Falls in April

Germany’s demand for finished lubricants fell 21% in April, the second straight month with a decrease of 20% or more, according to data released by a government agency.

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Briefly Noted

After the merger last year of Poland’s oil majors Orlen SA and Lotos Grupa SA, both companies last week announced consolidation of its finished lubricant production assets under one company led by the lubricant marketer Orlen Oil.