Lube Consumption in France Dips Again


Lube Consumption in France Dips Again

Finished lubricant demand in France dipped in May by 14%, according to data released last week by the Paris-based Professional Lubricants Center, the fourth consecutive month that consumption declined year-on-year.

The country consumed 38,505 metric tons of lubes in May, compared to 44,774 tons in the same month last year.

Demand for automotive lubricants declined 13% to 21,807 tons. Passenger car engine oil demand decreased 10% to 12,877 tons, while sales of engine oils for commercial diesel vehicles dropped 17% to 1,025 tons. Automatic transmission fluid sales declined 10% to 898 tons. Demand for automotive grease rose 3% to 330 tons.

Industrial lubricants demand – excluding process oils – fell 15% to 12,477 tons. Consumption of hydraulic oil decreased 7% to 5,267 tons. Within the category, standard-viscosity index hydraulic oil demand fell 27% to 1,123 tons, while high-viscosity index hydraulic oil demand increased 2% to 3,527 tons. Non-flammable hydraulic oil consumption decreased 5% to 617 tons.

Consumption of industrial greases dropped 24% to 1,207 tons.

Among metalworking fluids, demand for non-soluble variants fell 24% to 1,058 tons, and demand for soluble types dropped 32% to 969 tons.

Compressor oil demand was down 12% at 151 tons. Consumption of refrigeration compressor oil rose 17% to 54 tons, while consumption of other types of compressor oils declined 22% to 97 tons.

Process oil demand fell 15% to 4,221 tons.